Mar 18, 2017

8 If It Is Free, Would You Not Take It?

"Hey ..." I called out to the man who had walked away from the shelves with two Dove shampoos. He seemed not to hear.

"Excuse meEe..," I said louder, now reaching out with my hand. He turned around. Hubs and I excitedly showed him our plastic-wrapped pillow and informed him that he qualified to get one free too. I pointed to where he could collect it.

He smiled, nodded 'yes-yes' and walked towards his shopping cart. I looked on in bewilderment as he continued his shopping elsewhere.

Dove Jigsaw Piece Pillow

"Why wouldn't anyone want a free pillow. Perhaps he thought me out to scam him!"  I ponder in amusement.

It was comical, really. Here I was, thrilled to get a free cute pillow for purchasing over RM30 worth of Dove products. I wasn't even buying it just to get the freebie. I use Dove shampoo and was already aiming for two large bottles when I noticed a promotional sign on top of a large metal wire mesh container with the pillows and details how to redeem it. As easy as picking one out for yourself and putting it in the cart. Nothing more. 

Here this guy was, sauntering away without looking back. I wished I had thought of it then. I would have asked cheekily -- if you're not taking it, could I have it instead ?

That's the thing about shopping, with me at least. I'm always on the lookout for bargains. In some supermarkets, freebies are self-collect. It's easy to walk off with a packet of Milo and not realise that you get a free container with that. It only takes a bit of my time to read the promotional notices that are usually displayed around the shelves.

In the case of Milo, there was a triple promo going on the weekend I was in Tesco! One, the price had gone down! Hubs was quick to grab a few 2KG packs. Two, we qualified for freebies - mugs and a large container. I don't quite remember the details as it was weeks ago. Anyway, as one product promoter placed the items into my cart, another one stopped to pass me some forms. "You're eligible for a free Milo jacket," she said.

My Awesome MILO Container

I thought the day was going way too good. Before I knew it, we'd paid for the items and driven home, completely forgetting about the jacket! I let it go, kicking myself every time I thought about it.  


I gave my dad the pillow. The milo container? It now stores delicious made-in-Brunei prawn crackers which I deep fried the day before - still crispy, which means it's airtight. 


  1. I dont mind free gifts but must be iseful. Something I can use, not just display or end up in the shelf.

  2. Lovely items, Sharon! And I do love free gifts but I agree with Rose, they have to be something I will like and use, or else they will just become clutter. I will be receiving a free package of tea soon, samples that a company is sending to me. This is the second box of free samples they are sending me. I was so enthusiastic and happy with the tea and told them this, that they wanted to send me some more, and different ones as well, so I really appreciate their kindness. Their teas are fantastic! Hope you have a great weekend, dear friend. Hugs. :)

  3. who does not like freebies? hehehhe
    I dont mind if they want to give me
    if I dont want, I still can give to other people right?
    But I will say thank you anyway to someone like you who came purposely to remind me about the freebies
    But as far as I notice some guys not really care about the free gifts

  4. The Dove Jigsaw Piece Pillow is cute...

  5. I love free gifts too, I think it's more of a gals thingy, I see my man also not that tempted with freebies, he just doesn't bother.

  6. Awesome freebies. Love the pillow. That container from milo great for snacks storage.

  7. Who doesn't like freebies, especially the ladies! Hahaha! Nice collections! xoxo


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