Jul 10, 2020

6 An UnpIanned Hair Cut

News of several established companies either closing down or having to lay off employees has pushed many of us to help one another where we can. This is the Malaysia I love ❤ , quick to lend a hand and understanding.

Friends are forwarding messages of this home business and that private seafood seller. I try my best to spread the word and occasionally, I make a purchase too.

Two Sundays ago, I had my hair trimmed at EQ Hair Cut although I had vowed not to go to a hairdresser until we had hit zero Covid-19 cases for a week or so at least, lol.

EQ Hair Cut is run by an affable chap I had met a sometime ago at a quick cut salon in another mall. He made an impression on me when he got my hair done in under 5 minutes. It was the quickest haircut I'd ever experienced!

I am one of those people who start sighing in despair ten minutes into any hair treatment. It's just not my idea of fun. "Hurry, hurry up!" my mind goes. So this was really an exciting find for me.

From that day onwards, whenever I needed my hair fixed, I would look out to see if he was around and aim it so that my turn would end up with this chap. I know I sound like a crazy stalking aunty, lol. You see, they have a queue system in place. I could ask but I didn't want to hurt the other hairdresser's feelings.

All good things must come to an end and I didn't see the chap for a long time. It seemed that he had moved on to greener pastures.

However, fate brought us together again when hubs, desperate for a hair cut one day and for convenience sake, tried out a new salon in a mall where we had just done our grocery shopping. An awfully familiar face was attending to another customer as we sat in queue. Bubbles of excitement burst through as it dawned on me who it was! It seemed that my long lost hairdresser had decided to branch out on his own.

Fast forward today and a couple of weeks into the phase where many businesses have been allowed to resume operations after being closed for months due to covid-19, hubs and I noticed that our regular hair salon was open with nary a customer in sight. Tugged our heartstrings, it did. Before we knew it, we were walking in and getting our temperature scanned. We registered our details, kept our masks on. He had on the same along with a face shield  and protective apron.

Gone the earlier decision to stay away. We both got our hair trimmed that day. It was a relief too. I was starting to look like an unkempt aunty who didn't give two hoots about aging gracefully, lol.

We calculated that the young man would need at least 10 customers per day to cover his expenses and cost of living. The landlord has generously given a 20% discount on rental but almost three months of being closed during the partial lockdown has got to hurt and with business not as robust as before, I can only imagine.

He never mentioned that he was struggling to make ends meet but I know that sometimes, the best people are those who never say anything at all. Well, whether he needed it or not, hubs and I left a decent tip.

EQ Hair Cut
Lot G-41 Tesco Mutiara Damansara
No.8 Jalan PJU7/4
47800 Damansara

Opens from 10am.

Apr 30, 2020

10 Stay At Home, Go Out Responsibly

Thank you, Malaysian Frontliners and #stayathome  ~ This was the message that was lit on a couple of buildings along Jalan Kuching some weeks ago. What a lovely sight to drink teh tarik to in the quiet of night.

Stay At Home, Kuala Lumpur

As I scrolled through photos which I had snapped on my phone before the Movement Control Order (MCO), my thoughts centered around covid-19, the virus that has caused many to lose their loved ones and quarantined the rest of us at home. There was the denial stage, then a little bit of paranoia and now a sense of 'hey, we've got this'.

Our numbers are decent thanks to many responsible Malaysians who practiced social distancing, wore masks and diligently washed their hands.

High five to those who did their marketing quickly and resisted the lure of panic buying. Kudos to those who choose not to crowd apartment lifts.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you have offered masks to those who were not wearing any instead of shaming them. God bless you if you are feeding the strays in your neighbourhood, leaving water for the animals or sharing food with those who have little.

These are some of the wonderful ways concerned Malaysians are making the best out of tough situation.

Whilst our frontliners are busy risking their lives to save ours, let us at least lighten their load by being exemplary in our behaviour.

If our Frontliners are heroes, keep in mind that we are the sidekicks. Our job is to stop the spread of the virus and make our country safe again. The quicker it is contained, the faster we will have our lives back.

A close-up :)

Covid-19 | Day 44 Movement Control Order. I noticed that at least three apartments near our area had recorded covid positive cases. The good news? It was limited to one person each. The whole area has been sanitised and no other resident was affected. How and where they got it remains a mystery but this tells me that these Malaysians had done the necessary to protect themselves and were careful not to spread anything to others.❤

Apr 15, 2020

12 Ah Peck Is Going To Be Alright

December 2019 | When I first saw Pecky, he was splayed on the floor in the midst of being stomped to death by the larger birds. In concern, I rushed to shoo them away!

Ah Peck looked so miserable, as though he had lost his spirit to live. I lifted the little guy up carefully and placed him into our pigeon house where he would be safe. I wasn't sure if he would survive the day. It was heartbreaking to see such a sweet little thing suffer so much.

I spent the next hour coaxing Peck to have a sip of water. He refused my countless attempts but soon gave in. After that, it was easy getting him to drink - a light stroke on the head and he would take a few gulps. Is Peck male or female? I couldn't tell. I had decided based on its squeaking and spunk which appeared later on.

Ah Peck Getting Some Fresh Morning Air

When I saw Ah Peck nibbling on a few seeds which I had left in the corner earlier, I knew he was going to be ok. He stayed the night. Every couple of hours, I would open up the side door to check in on him to make sure he had his drink. I don't know if I was doing the right thing but I knew it was important that he get his strength back.

By morning, Ah Peck was up and about and in better spirits. He seemed to say "Hello, Giant. Cool place you got here." And that was the start of a short but funny, heartwarming relationship.

Imagine humans and animals living together in harmony. Cities lined with trees, flowers and many parks. Cheerful furry friends and happy chirping birds colouring our mornings as we get to work. Every home having a small garden with food and water for the little creatures.

Covid-19 | Day 28 Movement Control Order. We finally got down to watching an hour of TV drama per day. True Blood, a good old vampire series that has both scary and humorous elements. I've also got Goblin lined up to fill my afternoons.

Apr 1, 2020

8 The Popcorn Adventure!

"There's nothing to do."

When we were young, we used to play lots of indoor games with our parents, friends and relatives. From monopoly, scrabble, carrom, cards, snooker to musical chairs. It was fun and full of memorable moments.

Today, locked away in our home due to a restriction movement order, our attitude has not changed much when it comes to doing things together with our loved one/s. We always have something to do, and  here we are, hubs and I making popcorn for the first time.

BBQ Flavoured Popcorn

This RM2.50 container of popcorn has been sitting in my food cabinet for sometime. We were nervous the first few minutes it went into the wok because it seemed nothing was popping. "Why so long ah?" And then it happened..


Pop! Pop-pop! Except a for a few which didn't puff up at all. We separated the popped corn from the 'faulty' ones which numbered less than ten and tried again. Hangus! Sad to say, those were burnt black, haha.

The good ones had been placed into a large bowl for tossing. It was flavoured simply with Tesco BBQ seasoning powder and salt. Disappointingly flat, that's how it tasted. We were going "ugh" and laughed at our failure - nothing close to Eureka's amazing popcorn flavours.  I've stored it in an airtight container until we figure out a way to fix the taste to our liking.

Covid-19 | Day 15 Movement Control Order,  I had imagined myself catching up on all the good romantic dramas I missed. Funnily, I have yet to watch a single episode of anything because my time is occupied with house chores. It actually feels great to be this active.

Mar 25, 2020

10 Om Mani Padme Hum

A rhythmic chant that places my being into a state of calm - Om Mani Padme Hum.

I had first heard it playing over the radio in a souvenir store at Penang's famed Kek Lok Si temple many years ago. By the time I walked out of the shop, I was feeling a peace I hadn't known was missing.

And because I didn't manage to catch the exact words, I found myself chanting "Om mali beh teh soh" in my mind all over town. Beh teh soh  - a biscuit I love with such fervour that it's unwise to leave packets of it around the home lest I eat it all. Although I am not a religious person, I was already asking for forgiveness for singing the 'song' the way I did, even if it was only in my thoughts.

So, as soon as I got back to KL I tasked myself with finding this chant. An hour of googling ensued, and then another hour flew by. Finally, I gave up. It was impossible to search out without knowing the lyrics. I thought I found it and then it seemed I didn't. I left it at that, satisfied with just humming the tune for the past few years.

Until today. Thanks to my dad who is always forwarding me stuff via whatsapp. Countless fake news, miracle cures, politics and once in awhile a gem such as this. Lol. I was ecstatic to receive the video of a young woman saying this chant fast-paced. From there, it was easy finding the version I liked on youtube and now I am sharing it with you.

........Have you fallen asleep? *wink*

Covid-19 | Day 8 of staying indoors for this Malaysian. It was announced earlier that the Movement Control Order would be extended until 14th April, an additional two weeks. I pray that the situation improves soon. How exhausted our medical team must be by now.

Mar 20, 2020

8 Saloma Link

The pedestrian bridge itself is 69 metres long, named after our First National Songbird.

Saloma Link

It was an impromptu thing. Jen and I finally met up to pass on Christmas and Birthday presents to each other. Her special day is in July but we're two people who aren't particular about celebrating on exact dates and we're ok with just about any day in the year. Less headache, kan?

Anyway, it was a case of 'where shall we go, ah?' one Saturday morning. We were in Midvalley for breakfast before we decided to check out the very lifeless KL Eco City. From there, we took the LRT to Kampung Baru after finally deciding  on a bit of local touristing. Saloma Link came to mind. It was a short walking distance away from this LRT stop.

"There!" I shouted to Jen, excited to see it.

Saloma Link - View from Kg Baru

A security guard ushered us into the lift. The place was pretty quiet and for obvious reasons. The beautiful light display is only turned on at night and two, it was really humid in afternoons! My hair started getting frizzy and we felt like we were in an open-air sauna.

Saloma Link

However, that didn't stop us from oohing and aahing over the pedestrian walkway. The architecture is stunning, the design inspired by the betel nut leaf arrangement (Sirih Junjung) that is an important part of Malay wedding ceremonies.

When we reached the end of the bridge, we were surprised to see a cemetery. Why of all places, we wondered. Some would say it is bad feng shui.  I later found out that this was the place where Saloma was buried. The location was well thought out after all. I was impressed.

My pictures don't do justice to this beautiful bridge but trust me, it is worth a visit if you're in the area in the evening.

On another note, it's Day 3 of staying home for Malaysians under the Movement Control Order due to rising cases of Covid-19. To pass time, I decided to look through my phone for old photos that I can blog about. This is one of it, taken last month when we had heard of no new cases in the two weeks before. It seemed we were in the clear but aah, the joy was short-lived.

Stay safe, everyone and be good to each other ❤

Mar 14, 2020

10 Eats : Nasi Ahmad, It's All About The Gravy

Wednesday, 11th March. Hubs and I had just left Big Bad Wolf Books HQ in Shah Alam, after a tour of the place and to collect one of the best things in life, something that I'd been waiting for since my Birthday in Jan. Aah, but let's not stray. This is supposed to be about my fantastic lunch!

It cost us RM33 or was it RM38, a portion that is meant for four, for two greedy people who overate. We were, however, wise enough to ask for half the portion of rice. That night, we stuck to eating a pitiful small sandwich for dinner.

Nasi Ahmad sells nasi kandar, Kedah style. Fluffy yellow rice topped with splashes of gravy from various pots of curry.  A choice of meat, seafood and vegetables. Normal people pick one meat and one vegetable - hubs and I had two squids, a huge piece of mutton, a thick omelette, chicken drumstick, lots of okra, brinjal and bitter gourd. All I can say is - Hey, it's hard to choose when everything made our mouth water. Standing in line and thinking too long about it wasn't a polite option so we went with 'ok-this-this-this-this-THIS'.

Nasi Ahmad, Nasi Kandar Kedah Style

I was impressed. This was definitely something we would look back upon and laugh about how crazy it was that we wiped the plates clean. It was the most satisfying meal. A very delicious spread. The gravy was really good, nothing that screamed over the top flavourwise. I have only a feeling of I-need-to-come-here-again.  And I will ;)

Nasi Ahmad, The Core Kota Damansara
Rice topped with Gravy, Meat and Vegetables

Nasi Ahmad (The Core)
39, Jalan Teknologi 3/6B
47810 Petaling Jaya
9am - 11pm (Friday closed)

Touristing tip : The chocolate museum is nearby.

Mar 11, 2020

14 It's A Long Story

It's a long story ..or not. I can write about my adventures in several posts to show you why I  had disappeared from blogosphere for more than a year, but the short of it is simply that I have been occupied with life offline and didn't feel a need to hurry back.

There were a few months spent on home renovation. I had Airbnb-ed in 7 or 8 different apartments during that time. It was a year without a pc with an internet connection and the this and that.

A simple reach out by an old blogger friend, however, made me realise how much I miss my online journal. To read back on my adventures, to reconnect with old blog friends ..oh, the many interesting stories of theirs I have missed!

After Renovation

I have to find my password, I told Cindyrina as much. She had contacted me out of the blue and was the one who got me excited to revive my blog again (Thank you!). Not in these words at all but to make it interesting,

"Eh, you want to try something new or not?"
"Wantttt .. but my blog is deadleh. So shylah"

It seemed I didn't really need the blog but tadaaa, here we are! I decided that it was a good excuse to get going again.

Before Renovation

Nov 21, 2018

14 RIUH At Sentul Depot

2019 is closing in. It has been an interesting year, one I should really note down in my blog for fond memories' sake but I've been so caught up with life off the computer that ... well, time just flew. Anyway, better late than never I believe. Here goes a story that should have been told months ago.

September. Malaysia Day was another long weekend for us. My girlfriend, Jen, stayed over. We shopped for Christmas presents, caught up with stories of our lives, explored new places and attended a RIUH event.

RIUH is a monthly platform where creative people, local artisans and artistes are brought together in a set up of pop-up stores, workshops and live performances. The atmosphere is vibrant, like the word riuh which in English means to be alive with noise.

For Malaysia Day, RIUH worked with Grab to host the event. YTL, a prominent property developer in KL, generously sponsored the location, opening the long abandoned Sentul Railway Depot to the public. And what a beautiful place it was. This 110-year-old train depot was what drew me to RIUH. It used to be a workshop and an area that stored railcars, steam and diesel locomotives, so I gather from Wikipedia.

Sentul Depot

These buildings are like giant pieces of treasure from the past. Imagine how cool it would be if much of this structure is preserved. YTL has plans to upgrade the place and I'm hoping for something 'natural'. My heart flutters at the thought of long kopi sessions with friends under a big shady tree.

Much of Kuala Lumpur's old buildings have lost their charm through modernisation - think soulless grey office towers or pricey condos that's half filled with stuck-up tenants and rules that make you laugh because you realise a ton of money was paid to live in a fancy jail cell. I'm just saying that if I had that much money, I would choose an environment of good neighbourliness where joy and our innovative side can flourish, and living creatures are welcome.

An Old Abandoned Building At Sentul Depot

So the three (me, hubs and Jen) of us made our way to RIUH early Sunday morning lured by the ooh-aah magic of Sentul Depot. We were enamoured the moment we walked into a bright and airy atmosphere.

Sentul Depot

Sentul Depot

Sentul Depot

The organisers had done a great job bringing this place alive. Check out my first stop. Bas Tak Sekolah? This is a school bus turned mobile book store, selling a range of local titles that says, "Think deeply, Malaysians."

Bas Tak Sekolah

Good Books Available In Bas Tak Sekolah

I was hungry and thirsty by the time we'd done our exploring and snapping photos. Some of the sellers were still setting up their stalls at 10am. We saw this amazing burnt cheesecake from Cakies and knew we had to try. The lady in charge tempted us with fluffy doughnuts of which three flavours ended up in our hands. Finding a table to sit down and eat was easy. Gosh, it was heavenly tucking in to our baked goodies with live music for entertainment.

Cakies Burnt Cheesecake

RIUH at Sentul Depot

It's been a long time since a local live performance made me go wow - Tiga Soul rocked the stage. See the short clip I shot below. The energy was high and mesmerising. I'm stalking their instagram right now because I'd pay to go for their concert. Really!

There was a short queue at the coffee truck but service was so slow (they didn't have their kopi yet bah) that we had to try another stall. Unfortunately, payment by cash wasn't allowed in this section of the event space. We had to use GrabPay, a credit system on the Grab app. Seeing our predicament, a very nice lady offered to help us. She used her account to help us pay and we gave her the cash. God bless her. 

Here is a look at the stalls in RIUH. There were many nice items for sale.

Stalls at RIUH

The Rojak Project is an interesting food art piece with an important message about embracing our differences. As a multicultural nation, don't be colour blind, be colour-embracing citizens.

The Rojak Project

There is much to explore at RIUH and I cannot possibly include everything in one blog piece but I hope I have interest you enough to attend the event should you hear about it. I end this post with couple of shots of the surrounding area of Sentul Depot.

Sentul Depot

Sentul Depot
Ta-ta 'til my next write-up!

Oct 20, 2018

18 Eats : Good Food, Great Time At Greyhound Cafe, Mid Valley

Greyhound Cafe is a modern Thai fusion eatery which originates from Bangkok. It has two branches in Kuala Lumpur.

A lucky draw blessing on Instagram gave me an opportunity to try out Greyhound Cafe, Mid Valley a couple of months ago. I've been here several times since with friends and family - the ambiance is that pleasant, the crepes are that good and the rest of the food we tried? Yum!

Greyhound Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall

I mention crepes specifically because it was the highlight of our meal. A tasty treat that was memorable and made me crave for more but I was already feeling stuffed from devouring a huge burger and fries.

You know the saying, 'Life is short, eat dessert first!' which we didn't do but my first pic is going to be that - Greyhound's Coconut Crepe Cake layered with fresh young coconut meat. The flavour, a beautiful harmony of pleasantness, nothing that screams 'lotsa cheap sugar in here'.

Young Coconut Crepe Cake

These were the dishes Hubs and I had in an outing which included my cousin, her other half and child.

Don't order the Super Elvis Burger unless you're really hungry, got the tummy space for it or intend to share. It's good plain ol' meaty stuff grilled to deliciousness.

Super Elvis Burger

Super Elvis Burger

Oh-so-yum Thai Tom Yum Noodles. Now this was bursting with flavour. I was dipping my burger bun into the soup.

Tom Yum Noodles

My cousin ordered Spaghetti with Crab Meat which had a sprinkling of shrimp roe on top.

Crab Meat Pasta

The Buffalo Burger is served with squid ink black buns. Also a heavy meal with home fries!

Buffalo Burger

My little nephew had a Caesar Salad. Anyone remember the 'scissors salad' blunder which left us Malaysians in stitches? I'm still laughing about it! Here's the link to the story if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Caesar Salad

Lastly, our drinks.


As we patted our stomach from the fullness of a good meal, I couldn't help but feel the warmth that surrounded Greyhound Cafe's team. The staff was attentive and easy-going. They were extremely kind to us and I could not help but thank the supervisor personally for the amazing memories that were made that day.

Beautiful Table Setting - Greyhound Cafe

Neat! - Greyhound Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall

Awesome Ambiance - Greyhound Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall
Check out the decor. Great place to chill, right? ;)

Greyhound Cafe
Address: G floor, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley Megamall, 58000 Kuala Lumpur,
Telehone: +6 03 - 2201 2226
Website: www.greyhoundcafe.com.my

Oct 10, 2018

17 Roaming Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown

Petaling Street aka Chinatown, at times referred to as Banglatown. Laugh. I would elaborate but this article on NST sums it up : Nothing Chinese About Petaling Street Anymore

I still enjoy coming to this part of Kuala Lumpur, if only to walk down memory lane and bring the occasional tourist. Life is a balance of good and bad. If I stick to visiting only the places we have labeled 'safe' and 'rich', then it means that I am choosing to turn a blind eye to our heritage, to shun a part of our country and its issues. Well, that's what I believe anyway. The world isn't all sunshine and rainbows. There are rainstorms we must weather and Kuala Lumpur's imperfections are just that for me.

Petaling Street didn't earn its less than stellar reputation for nothing . The shops and night markets are a haven for imitation goods. This was the place I had seen a beggar put his crutches aside, then walk away with his day's collection. This is the place everyone tells you to watch out for pickpockets.

Petaling Street, A Part of KL's Chinatown

Anyway, one of the most famous wonton noodles around can be found here - Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee. A true blue KLite introduced it to me. I've been back here several times with family members who visit. Just plain ol' wan tan mee like how it used to be in the old days.

Koon Kee Wan Tan Mee, Petaling Street

Outside this noodle shop is a happening Apam Balik (Sweet Peanut Pancake) stall manned by a sprightly old man. I savoured every bite, a taste of years of expertise. His pancakes are so popular that it is sold as soon as it is off the pan and cut.

Apam Balik, Petaling Street

Apam Balik

Air Mata Kucing (Dried Longan Drink) anyone? A thirst quencher. No food journey in Petaling Street is complete without a cup of this. Our humid weather demands it.

Air Mata Kucing, Petaling Street

Food is not all you'll find interesting here. In between a row of shops, a friend and I came across this lovely piece by established street artists LeDania from Colombia and our very own Cloakwork. 'Lucy In The Sky' - look for this cafe and you should find it. I don't know how long it'll be there before it gets painted over though.

LeDania and Cloak

I remember the cafe - a cosy place. My aunt and I breakfasted here once long ago. We were in the area to buy cookware at the shop a door away. Such fond memories. When my aunt first saw the shop, her eyes shone in excitement, "I wantttt, I want those pots, pans and plates!" it said.

Lucy In The Sky Cafe

Lucy In The Sky Cafe

Around the bend is a newly opened bargain store opposite Pasar Seni LRT. Gilasco is sort of a gift shop similar to the likes of Yubiso and Miniso.


My walkabout around this part of the city has been interesting but I hope to be back again soon and perhaps this time, I will take a closer look at Central Market. The place seems to have come up nicely. I wonder if the second-hand book shop I used to frequent during my college days is still around.

Just a couple more pictures and that's that for this post.

Graffiti Across Pasar Seni LRT Station

The Scene at MRT Pasar Seni


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