Oct 15, 2017

13 Langkawi : Inner Peace At The Andaman Luxury Resort

A hidden paradise in a secluded corner of Langkawi island, The Andaman Luxury Resort is a dream for anyone looking for some quiet to revitalise themselves. Indulge in holistic spa treatments, take a nature walk or a swim in the beautiful waters of Datai Bay, this place is heaven tucked away in a rainforest with a wide stretch of sandy beach within walking distance from the rooms.

The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort

The Andaman Resort, Langkawi

"Ma'am, we've upgraded your room. Please enjoy your stay." I was ecstatic by the kind gesture upon check-in and in awe by the VIP attention. When it comes to hospitality and attention to comfort, The Andaman Resort is the place to be.

Hubs and I stayed here for a night. It was the best sleep I had ever had. The soft bed felt heavenly on my tired bones, brought on by two days of gallivanting up and down this beautiful island and twice, we were caught in the rain. I huddled under the cool, soft blanket, reluctant to leave the room. But I knew there was a stunning horizon to look forward to when dusk falls.

This is our room, one with a garden terrace.

Our Room At The Andaman, Langkawi

The glass door opens out to a lovely view of the rainforest. There was a warning about monkeys taking guest belongings out of the room so we kept our stuff out of view.

Room With A Garden, The Andaman, Langkawi

The bathroom is the cleanest I had ever seen! The toiletries? Of amazing quality. I tried the shampoo and I'm happy to say that it did wonders to the rain-drenched frizzy mop of locks on my head. Nothing like a good hair day to lift my spirits.

The Bathroom and Toiletries, The Andaman Resort

We took a romantic stroll down the seaside that evening and explored the jungly trails within the resort. It was a treat to see a group of monkeys on the beach. The Andaman Resort is surrounded by an old rainforest which is home to many wildlife.

The Beach At The Andaman, Langkawi

The Andaman, Langkawi

Twilight descended in brilliant hues of pinkish orange. We sat down for a meal at Tepian Laut shortly after, a cosy beach restaurant where the sound of waves rushing to shore is part of the music permeating the air.

Tepian Laut Restaurant at The Andaman, Langkawi

Twilight At The Andaman, Langkawi

Dinner At Tepian Laut, The Andaman

One of the waiters regaled us with stories of his life, adding to the charm of the Malay restaurant. I must warn you that food is very pricey here, but then again this is a 'luxury' resort!

Tepian Laut, Restaurant By The Beach

Breakfast the next morning? Oh, that deserves another blog post. I'm leaving this page with more pictures of the hotel area.

The Lobby Of The Andaman Resort, Langkawi

The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi

The Andaman Luxury Resort, Langkawi - Pool and Guest Room Area

The Andaman is a kind of resort that makes you feel you never want to leave its compound. I was actually sad to get into our rented car to head to the airport that morning...

The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi
Address: Jalan Teluk Datai, 07000 Langkawi, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 4 - 959 1088

Oct 6, 2017

18 Pigeon Tales : Sweet Home Kuala Lumpur

It's been sometime since I last blogged about my pigeon buddies. Lots of things have happened in between as Hubs and I got to know them better.

They are each unique in their own funny way, coming and going as they please. Some disappearing for long periods like Benj, whom we suspect is tied with tending her squabs and a new nesting home!

Pigeons Of Kuala Lumpur

Anyway, we decided to get a bigger plant container to give our pigeons more space. Coincidentally, Sungai Buloh Nursery Lot 54 was having a 'Moving Out  Sale' so I said, "Let's go! " We forked out RM80 more or less for sand and planter box. Now, we have a proper spot where we can put lots of seed and water.

Pigeon Play Area

When I say pigeon's' , it's really just two or three of the same guys visiting each day. My balcony is like their vacation spot. I enjoy watching them. So much better than watching the idiot box - must be an old age thing.

My Name Is Tiny. I Love This Place.

It wasn't long before Hubs and I started contemplating about a dovecote. I scoured the internet for ideas. Hubs put my suggestions down on paper along with measurements, a drawing was made and construction began soon after! The side doors were something I wanted to make it easy for me to clean out any mess they make.

Left: Drawing Of A Pigeon House
Right: Pigeon House Construction

Before long, we were huffing and puffing to lift the bird house into place. I think it's a great addition to my balcony garden!

Pigeon House

It's a nice feeling to see them having fun jumping up and down, in and out of the little house. You know what's surprising? They don't poop a lot so it's been pretty clean thus far. We're not expecting our pigeon buddies to live in the house of course, but if they do, we'd be as happy.

To my pigeons, I say - Whatever floats your boat, buddy!

Oct 2, 2017

20 Cenang Beach and Telaga Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

Possibly the busiest stretch of seaside on Langkawi island but the scene is entirely different walking further down the sandy shore towards Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort  which is a paradise of serenity as you can read from my earlier post.

Cenang Beach, Langkawi

Jalan Pantai Cenang
(Cenang Beach Road) is lined with small hotels, eateries and touristy shops, left and right. The Underwater World is located here too.  Hidden behind all these is Pantai Cenang, a beautiful beach where stunning sunsets can be seen. Besides several restaurants offering romantic evening dining experiences, the place is a hive of watersport activities with a spot of kite flying and powered paragliding going on.

Cenang Beach, Langkawi and Powered Paragliding

The weather was a bit gloomy with rain clouds converging over the sky above us but fortunately, it didn't start raining in earnest until late evening.

Cenang Beach, Langkawi

I'm not into anything that makes my heartbeat go haywire so I stuck with a relaxing lovey-dovey walk, breathing fresh salty air, taking the scenery in and people-watching - all this with a cup of iced yoghurt mango drink in hand. We watched the sun go down.

The Crowd Thinning Out At Cenang Beach, Langkawi As Evening Approaches

Sunset At Cenang Beach, Langkawi

Cenang Beach, Langkawi

Night had fallen by the time we decided to hunt for dinner. We stepped into Telaga Seafood Restaurant, pleased to see a nice outdoor setting. The waiter ushered us to a cosy hut. It was pleasantly mosquito free although I wondered if it was also Guardian's Buzz Away spray at work. I had insisted that we rub that on before venturing out to the beach.

Telaga Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

Telaga Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

We ordered two jumbo prawns but that was out of stock so it was replaced with smaller ones at their recommendation. When the dish arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see the largest I had ever eaten. I cannot imagine what 'jumbo' would be like - it was an exciting thought though. These were bigger than my hand. Anyway, it was exquisite. Nothing like fresh seafood on an island holiday.

Telaga Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi

The fried grouper which was covered with a sweet and sour sauce was as tasty. Halfway through our meal, sweet music permeated the air in the form of a live performance. Top that with friendly staff and fast service, it was truly a lovely experience dining here.

Telaga Seafood Restaurant
Address: Jalan Pantai Chenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 4-955 2225

Leaving you with another shot of the beach..

Cenang Beach, Langkawi
Best Escape Anyone Can Have

Sep 25, 2017

20 Eat Out : Amelio, Desa ParkCity

It's been too long since I last saw my cutie-pie months old nephew Damien and my lovely cousin, Jo. Coincidentally, it was Jo's Birthday so I treated her to lunch. This was last Friday, which was a public holiday for us.

We had such a great time at Amelio restaurant. The waiters were attentive and oh-so-kind, regularly checking in on us to ask if we were comfortable. The food is great too!

Although it was tempting to eat in an air-conditioned space, we chose to sit outside, embracing fresh air, sun and beautiful scenery.

Me, Jo, Amelio

Hubs and I shared a plate of tender Whisky BBQ Pork Ribs and a juicy Teriyaki Pork Burger. My pictures don't do justice at all - the BBQ pork ribs was so delicious that I wished I had the whole plate to myself!

Whisky BBQ Pork Ribs

This pork burger is delicious too, moist on the inside and with the teriyaki sauce poured over, it's something I would consider ordering again.

Teriyaki Pork Burger

Jo ordered the Pork Burger with BBQ Sauce and Bacon whilst her hubs ordered a classic big breakfast of eggs, sausage and bacon. They enjoyed their meal too.

Pork Burger with Bacon

Big Breakfast

Drinks were chilled refreshing lemongrass tea which I hadn't thought to take pictures of but am still thinking about today as I write this post, craving for a glass.

Amelio, Desa Parkcity
Address: FF-07, The Waterfront, 5, Jalan Persiaran Residen, Desa Parkcity, 52220 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Phone: +60 3-6280 7212

After lunch, we took a short walk to the carpark at the back where a circus was being set up. Tickets are priced from RM39 onwards and was already on sale in front of Aeon Maxvalu. Based on past reviews, this is one show you shouldn't miss because the acrobatics are amazing!

Swiss Dream Circus, Desa ParkCity

Before meeting up with my cousin for lunch at Amelio, hubs and I popped into Three Little Birds Coffee on the ground floor and ordered this awesome hot chocolate. This little cafe offers a great view of the lake and garden at Desa ParkCity. It is a nice place to chill.

Hot Chocolate, Three Little Birds Coffee
That's about it on my date with my cousin and little nephew who drooled over our meal with his mouth open, hoping we'd offer him a taste. Not so soon, tiny one!

Sep 22, 2017

16 Only Beautiful People At Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa

Sunny smiles and a down--to-earthness that gave us the warm and fuzzy made my vacation incredibly memorable, or should I say magical?

The year is almost at an end. Hubs and I decided that a holiday was long overdue. So, off we flew to Langkawi for some rest and relaxation. Our two nights stay at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa was nothing short of exciting. We were on the #MyPelangi special rates promotion package which included breakfast, airport transfers and late check-out.

Rooms With A View Of The Pool

Check-in was remarkable. The hotel receptionist led us to the lounge area where the necessary forms were completed there and then. We were promptly attended to with chilled drinks and a wet towel. I was momentarily stunned by the VIP treatment!

Pelangi Lounge, also the Check-In Centre

An hour later, we were taken to our garden-view room on a buggy, passing rows of blooming bunga raya shrubs.There's even a poultry farm and an exhibit of a typical Malay house.

On The Way To Our Room

Bunga Raya (Hibiscus Flower), A Squirrel, The Poultry Farm and A Malay House

Arriving at the kampung (village) styled double storey building, we were welcomed into the corner unit on the ground floor - an enchanting room with old-style decor that begged for photos.

Garden Terrace Room at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

Cosy Room, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

It was spacious, the doors leading outside to a large balcony -  I pictured myself lounging on the chair with a book and a glass of mocktail in hand, wearing a wide straw hat for effect.

Garden Terrace Room Balcony, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

Here is a look at the bathroom and the things that were provided. Hair dryer, bath essentials, umbrellas, ironing board, hangers, safe box and even an electric mosquito repellent!

Bathroom and Snacks

The beach, located along Pantai Cenang, is a dream with breathtaking scenery - the perfect setting for romantic evenings. We caught the rainbow and the sunset here, sweetening our experience.

Clean Sandy Beach at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

Beach Scenery, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

Poolside, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

The resort is impressive, but what captivated me most about Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort is really the winning personalities of the people who work there.

There were so many occasions they touched our hearts - like the time a concerned staff waved a buggy down for us after we were left stranded at the workshop beside the resort having gotten caught in a thunderstorm, the genuine welcome we felt at Leisure Centre when they greeted us with open arms, coffee and cookies, the Pakcik who came to pick me up but still smiled warmly when he found out that he hadn't been informed that I had cancelled the airport transfer, the lady at reservations who remembered my room number although it was already the next day!

Lakefront Rooms, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

Countless others made our day with enthusiastic greetings of "Good morning!" I cannot list down all the moments they made me feel like hugging them so I'll sum it up as this - Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi is about good vibes and making sure that every guest is attended to with TLC (tender loving care).

Lakefront Rooms, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

The picture below was taken at the Leisure Centre where kids and adults can plan and enjoy lots of activities with the assistance of resort staff.

Leisure Centre, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

I enjoyed the buffet breakfast. It was a good spread catering to many types of eaters.
Breakfast at Spice Market, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi

A short distance away from the resort are duty free shops, beachside hotels and restaurants - it was quite lively in the evening. I shopped for chocolates and had the most amazing dinner but that's a story that will have to go into another post.

To be honest, we were sad to leave this place but on a brighter note, it is now stored in my head under "Fond Memories".

Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Langkawi
Address: Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-952 8888
Website: http://www.meritushotels.com/en/meritus-pelangi-beach-resort-spa-langkawi/index.html


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