Nov 11, 2017

12 Penang : A Night At Time Capsule Hotel

A couple of months ago, a friend offered me a night's stay at Time Capsule Hotel, Penang - something she'd won from an online contest. I said yes. Days later, we settled on a date in October, made the necessary hotel reservations and purchased the train tickets weeks in advance. No turning back now, as they say!

Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

It was one of the best holidays. I was excited to experience a night in the minimalist futuristic-looking hotel. It had a "I'm in a spaceship" kind of feeling. A great chap named Jason handled our reservations. Patient, kind and friendly, he was our go-to guy for food and sightseeing suggestions.

We were each given a keycard and a bag containing one towel, bottled water and headphones. I collected a pair of slippers from the small shoe locker beside the lift before heading up to the floor where our 'capsules' were and was impressed with what I saw - cosy, neat and clean! It comes with a shared bathroom. There were sufficient shower cubicles, hairdryers and toilets.

Our Sleeping Quarters - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

Bathroom - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

I kept my backpack in the large locker located in front of my sleeping chamber, swiping my keycard onto the one with my capsule number to release the lock. The place was quiet with well-behaved guests. I was thrilled to be there.

Keycard and Capsule - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

The hotel is located within walking distance from many touristy areas and at night, the street is quite happening with bars and restaurants lighting the area up. Night owls we were not, so we were back in the hotel 9pm-ish.

After a shower and getting into comfortable clothes, I plonked myself onto the lower capsule, plugged my keycard in to power up the space and closed the shutter. The blue lights were definitely my favourite feature! It added to the whole being in a spaceship feel.

My Bed - Time Capsule Hotel, Penang

I spent nearly an hour fiddling around with the controls from lighting, aircon to TV before I dozed off but it was a restless night as I couldn't contain my enthusiasm  - the day's activities playing over and over in my mind. It was 2am, then 3am and soon, 5am! I got up to shower, deciding sleep was a lost cause. Haha. It was zombie Sharon on the loose in Penang that day!

Time Capsule Hotel

Address: 418 & 420, Lebuh Chulia, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Telephone:+6 04-263 0888

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  1. A restless night in capsule hotel :-))

    1. Yes, I really need to sleep in a boring old hotel to get a good night's rest ..haha!! This was too happening. ^.^

  2. Oh my! So futuristic. What a wonderful experience, Sharon. You are so lucky!!

    Usually I hardly have good night sleep when I am on holiday. Probably missing my own comfy bed. Haha.

    1. I guess so, Rose. Must be the rush too! ^.^

  3. Wow! I love the photos you shared. I saw many capsules in Japan but this futuristic one is marvelous. I never had the chance to stay in Japan as they either catered to same gender only while those with separated genders in same building are not available in the towns I visited. Their shared bathrooms there are all dipping inside onsens only. Wow!

    I might want to try this one in Penang and probably get sleepless night like you. Muahahahaha

    1. Go for it, TM! It's a good place to meditate ..turn the lights down, reflect on life ..kakaka ^.^

  4. I don't think I could do it! Too small a space - I'd feel trapped.

  5. Interesting, but... a little claustrophobic.

    1. Yea .. especially when we're not used to sleeping in such small quarters. ;)

  6. Dont think I can even last a second. Claustrophobia.


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