Oct 19, 2017

23 Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot Level 5 On Mini Pancakes

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna has been my favourite choice of canned tuna for as long as I can remember.

Nomming On Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot Level 5 On Mini Pancakes

It comes in three degrees of spiciness :
- Chilli Tuna Light Level 2 has 33% less fat. Perfect for anyone watching their weight and want a little kick in their meals!
- Chilli Tuna Original Level 3 has been my longtime companion during those lonely nights when I'm making a meal for one.
- Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot Level 5, the newest in the market, had so much oomph that I 'tambah nasi' (add rice) !

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot is perfect with rice but I was thinking about picnics and teatime snacks when I came out with these sturdy pancakes. It had to hold so that it's convenient to eat.

The great thing about Ayam Brand™'s Chilli Tuna is that it's 'ready-to-eat' . This means that I can bring it along on road trips and open it only when we're hungry - mess free!

Ayam Brand™'s Chilli Tuna is 'Ready-to-Eat' !

Since Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna packs a ton of flavour, there was no need for me to add salt to the pancake batter. Half an hour later, I was munching on my third piece and running for a glass of cold, COLD water!

Look at that fiery hot chilli! It is no joke but the deliciousness kept me going. This is an addictive snack!

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna On Mini Pancakes

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot Level 5 On Mini Pancakes

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot On Mini Pancakes
(Makes 10 palm-sized pancakes)
- 1 cup flour
- 2 eggs
- 1/8 tsp baking powder
- 1/2 cup milk
- Cooking oil
- Spring onions (chopped)

1) In a large bowl, whisk all the pancake ingredients together.
2) Take a napkin, wipe thin layer of cooking oil onto the pan. Heat pan. Pour enough batter to make small / palm-sized pancakes. Turn once, until done. Wipe the pan clean. Repeat.
3) Eat topped with Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot (we don't do 'mild' here) and garnish with spring onions.

I make these when I feel like rolling up my sleeves in the kitchen and getting down to a bit of work. However, when I just want a quickie, I go for something simple like the one pictured below; served on plain cream crackers along with fresh lettuce. Yum stuff!

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot Level 5 On A Cream Cracker

These are just two ways I enjoy Ayam Brand™'s Chilli Tuna . Wait 'til you see what I did for dinner! In another post ...

Before I end, Ayam Brand™ Malaysia is currently running a selfie contest, #ayamonfire , on Instagram and Facebook.
The contest mechanics, which I took from Ayam's Brand's Facebook post, are as below. Good luck!

Post a selfie or video of you trying this new Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot Level 5 and you might just win RM50 worth of Ayam Brand™ products.

The how-to:
1. Take a selfie or video of you trying Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna Fire-Hot Level 5.
2. Post on YOUR Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtag #ayamonfire (make sure post is public).
3. Tag Ayam Brand Malaysia on FB or if it's on Instagram : @ayambrandmy .
Terms & Conditions apply.

Contest ends 30 October 2017!

Ayam Brand™ Chilli Tuna range is certified Halal by JAKIM.
Website: http://www.ayambrand.com.my/tasty-tuna.html

This is a sponsored post, where I was provided with some products to try out.
That said, this piece is wholly written by me and all opinions are my own.
Please read the Disclaimer for this blog under Policies.


  1. Gonna check them out! Thanks for sharing, dear! xoxo

    1. You're welcome, Shirley. Hope you like it xx

  2. Those pancakes look so delicious!

  3. Now Ayam brand is diversify and introduce many varieties. Love your pancake idea.

    Btw, I tried the baked beans light. So good. I like the milder tomato sauce. I use it by simmering and adding an egg into it. Everyone especially my hubby love it.

    1. Thanks, Rose. It's getting really interesting!

      Glad you like the baked beans - I found that delicious too! ^.^

  4. This is interesting and new to me. I am always learning new stuffs from you from pigeons to luxury hotels and now yummy food. i always ate the canned tuna that comes ready with crackers to dip. I carry them for overseas travels. Now this mini pancakes are luring me to make them into finger food for parties. Kudos Ayam Brand!

    1. Ohh..me too, TM - Those packed with crackers are so convenient for traveling! ^.^

      Ayam Brand is actively coming out with new products. Perhaps we will see a travel pack soon.

  5. They look quite good, Sharon!

  6. The pancake looks good. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. You're welcome, Nancy. Plain but an oh-so-perfect match for the flavourful tuna.

  7. I don't like tuna but without it I think i would like the dish

  8. I love ayam brand tuna, but extra hot? No thanks. Nanti sakit perut :D

    1. Kakaka ...yes, if you're not used to it. Nasib baik ada light version. ;)

  9. first time see tuna on pancakes! New creation!

    1. Thanks, Emily. I'm a big fan of savoury pancakes. :)

  10. I want to try this. Sharon this is great for snacking.


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