May 2, 2007

0 Spiderman 3 on the BIG screen

We (My BF and I) took the opportunity to watch Spiderman 3 in Digi's Imax Theatre since we knew there was a high chance that tickets would be sold out in the other cinemas. It was after all only the second day of screening. Tickets cost RM15 each but it was worth it.

Being the kiasu fella that I was, I smsed my mum and aunts, "In a few moments, I will be watching Spiderman 3 on the largest screen in South East Asia! What will you be doing..?"

Replies ranged from,"You don't be naughty" to "At homelar!". They weren't moviegoers nor were they keen on Spiderman. Oh well.

The screen was so large, I didn't want seats at a far end corner because I knew it would strain my neck. Instead, I chose seats in the middle of the 4th row (not to say that I had a lot to choose from). I thought it would be the perfect spot.

Entering the cinema, I patted myself on the back for the brilliant choice I made. My partner and I walked excitedly to our seats. The movie started shortly.

Everything was fine until......Oh...did you see him? ! Where'd Spidey go?! oh there! left the way! down! eyes rolled and zipped all the way to the left, then to right and back again trying to catch the spider in action. The screen was so huge, I couldn't focus. I soon realised that my eyes couldn't take in the entire screen and sitting on the 4th row was a bad idea.

Adding to the excitement were 2 hyperactive children sitting beside us, who enhanced our cinematic experience with their bouncing. They bounced up and down their seats many times excitedly cheering Spidey on.

At the end of the movie, I walked out quietly assuming that I'd been the only one who got crossed eyed that day.

My take on the movie? It was fantastic ! But you should never ask me because I'm a sucker for superhero stuff.


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