Jul 15, 2007

0 Tooth Surgery

Sigh...the story of my life. I was supposed to watch Harry Potter at GSC Midvalley last Friday but lo and behold, it just happened.

I had a terrible toothache after I bought the tickets (which was last Wednesday) and the next day, my right cheek started sagging and my neck started swelling. Reluctantly, I gave away my tickets. I was pretty sad because it would have been my first movie outing together with my colleagues.

Then, I thought chin up. Yes chin,..please get up. I thought a visit to the dentist on Satuday would do it and it would be a minor tooth extraction. Half my jaw was completely swollen by then. I felt as though my face would fall off.

At the dental clinic - Midway, after much tugging and pulling by the dentist, "I'm going to have to perform a small surgery", said the dentist. Whoa...didn't know that a rotten tooth could be stuck so firmly.

Sigh.. next saturday, I'll be going back to remove the stitches. In the meantime, I totally miss having decent food. Decent food, as in 1901 hot dogs, sap ham tan har, tandoori chicken, curry chicken, nasi lemak, roti canai....grrrrr!


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