Nov 17, 2007

0 Starless Stadust vs Crazy Black Sheep

Starless "Stardust" - That just about sums up my take on the movie – a poor attempt at a fairy tale romance. I couldn’t feel any spark between the two stars. The leading lady who played the fallen star wasn’t exactly starry – she was a nag (forever grumbling) dressed in a drab silver gown…*god knows who designed something so unimaginative*..

There are some silly shows which I like and then there are some which I just don’t. This is just one of those I that don’t.

Black Sheep” was tolerable – it was such a poor make, it had me laughing non-stop. It was simply outrageous. Imagine this, you get zombie sheep tearing people apart *Can sheep actually behave so violently and look so gory?* ;)

In this movie, they can. Get bitten, and you start turning into this zombie sheep yourself - a man-sized walking sheep …sheesh…

My favourite scenes:
1) The evil man who had a hand in creating the zombies walked nude into a group of zombie sheep like he was their pharaoh - the sheep attacked and started pulling the flesh long out …never knew flesh could stretch so far. It looked darn obscene :p

2) The hero wore sheep skin and tried crawling through a group of zombie sheep undetected. He was f***ked from behind by one of the zombies midway…*rofl*

3) When an infected person swallows the antidote, they shake uncontrollably and presto, they’re human again


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