Dec 25, 2007

2 An inspiration from a poem

I am just so amazed by PJEFC’s efforts – The Christmas play was mesmerizing to say the least. It started with an ensemble of ‘stargazers’ who read a poem about the birth of all creations. The light shone on each stargazer as he/she spoke in poetic motion.

In between were beautiful Christmas carols sung by magical voices – the choir was harmonious and they were so in tune with one another. I was drugged by their serenity. The play ended with a scene on the birth of Christ.

Our friend, Cynthia was part of the play as a ‘stargazer’. Hence, we thought we’d come lend our support. She was very modest about their efforts – but that effort touched a lot of hearts.

It seems that the 'stargazer' scene was inspired from John Masefield's poem 'Lollingdon Downs V':

I could not sleep for thinking of the sky,
The unending sky, with all its million suns
Which turn their planets everlastingly
In nothing, where the fire-haired comet runs.

If I could sail that nothing, I should cross
Silence and emptiness with dark stars passing,
Then, in the darkness, see a point of gloss
Burn to a glow, and glare, and keep amassing,

And rage into a sun with wandering planets
And drop behind, and then, as I proceed,
See his last light upon his last moon's granites
Die to a dark that would be night indeed.

Night where my soul might sail a million years
In nothing, not even Death, not even tears.


  1. errr..sifu..this gift cannot arh?

    an improved blog for you to read ..wakakakakaa :p


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