Dec 21, 2007

0 Lost translation

Another church play, you say? Tis the season to be holy..falalalala

Recently attended this 1 hour Christmas play at DUMC entitled 'Lost' - sorry guys, I really lost the message here..there were just too many distractions. First, we were encouraged to sit upstairs, then we were stopped and held up until there was clarification.

Props moving in and out - short breaks here and there. Terrible out-of-tune whining of the violin which did not match the carollers. EeeEeeeEeee..coordination was off all round.

I couldn't catch the flow of the story but its about a little lost lamb and how the sheperd sacrificed his precious staff to save his sheep.

Were they trying to tell us that the Jesus is our sheperd and he would save us?

Wondering thoughts of a lost soul...


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