May 4, 2008

0 Man..I'm going to miss her blardyness

Another mate was leaving us. She was an amazing woman who loved saying, "Blardy..."....sigh..blardy woman. Now, I don't have anyone to trade VCDs/DVDs with!!

It was also one of those moments where I was torn between being HR and just a friend. I was so tempted to fight for her to stay on but as a friend, I felt that there was so much more going for her out there. I just couldn't picture her stuck in an extremely quiet and dreary environment.

Wasn't that I wasn't working for a great company - I just believe that each of us were meant for something and she's just meant to burst out in song and colour. .. I bid adieu to her with a funny ..err..cut n paste picture of us..on some superhero picture I googled out..kaka ;p


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