Aug 31, 2010

0 For my home, Malaysia

It pains me to see our beloved country being ruined by radicals. That doesn't mean that I love it any less. I'm just not loving the extremists! I put up the flag not for them but for the love of my country and the good men in it.

So cheers to our forefathers who fought for this country. Without them, there would be no Malaysia.

Cheers to democracy for we have elected new governments in several states and made a stand that the People of Malaysia will not bow down to political shenanigans and corrupt leaders.

Cheers to families who still practice "open house" during festivals, to welcome fellow Malaysians from all walks of life into their homes .

Cheers to the peace-loving.

Cheers to sportsmen and sportswomen who have displayed good sportsmanship and maintained high standards on the world stage.

Cheers to those who believe 1Malaysia is about EVERYONE, not ONE.

At RM6.40, this didn't bust a hole in my pocket

Securing the flag



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