Aug 10, 2010

0 A Simple Solution

"Red alert!" It was the only two words that registered in my mind when I heard that MIL was coming down to KL for a holiday - We were the hosts. 

Where I once felt that home was safe with a little dust hidden behind the furniture and deep corners, I now had the urge and the urgency to reach for the unreachable. I scoured my cabinet. The weapons of choice - a vacuum cleaner, a mop, scouring pad, broom, floor cleaner and VIM ... loads!

Months of serious inactivity led to muscle aches as I scrubbed and cleaned every nook and cranny, and moved the furniture. The results were spectacular and I was pleased to see the awe in my partner's face when he walked through the door.

I soon got carried away though. It started with a bit of redecorating and then it turned into a full blown spring cleaning affair.

At the very last hour, I took to panicking over the menial issue of having new hand towels in the bathroom.  The problem was, I didn't have any, but I felt I needed it to impress MIL. So I searched the cabinets anyway, hoping for a miracle. Perhaps a mislaid Christmas gift..

"It would make my bathroom look a whole lot fresher", I thought sadly.

"Eureka! But I do have new face towels which I could use", I thought rather gleefully. 

It just didn't come with a loop for me to hang up and there was no time to start sewing! I ransacked my brain and the clips? safety pins? ....earrings?..hoop earrings!!

It spruced up my bathroom nicely.

I look back now and wonder of course, why I concluded then, that this was a VERY important thing for me to get done. It wasn't as though the old hand towels couldn't do.

The appreciative response from MIL put me on a high, and later that night, I entered this tip+photo into a contest organised by Simple Skincare. I didn't win of course, not amongst the amazingly creative entries, which were truly more deserving :)


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