Oct 16, 2010

0 Adam Lambert Rock Zone Tickets, but did we rock it?

Awww...my best friend bought us tickets to Adam Lambert's Glam Nation concert in Stadium Putra. He knew how much I wanted to see Adam sing live. Most of the tickets were sold out, so he had to make do.

The ticket counters:

It's all sold out, ma'am. How bout these way back here?

What I didn't expect was a phone call from Mix FM the day before the concert, "Hi, Congratulations! You've won 2 Rock Zone tickets to Adam Lambert's concert tomorrow!", a warm and friendly voice said to me. I was hard pressed to refuse. So I said, " Reaaallly?!! Thank you! Thank you so much, William!". The contest? Click here

I gave these tickets to my cousin Jo. I wasn't gonna disappoint my best friend - those tickets he got were as great and it came with heart :)

Omigosh! Mix FM Roadrunner, they're here!

Oh wait..wait for me..!

Finally caught up with them. Rock Zone tickets!

Freebies for the fans

Rock zone or not, I was just happy to be there.


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