Oct 8, 2010

0 I can cook - Black Chicken Herbal Soup

You betcha..but I'm not one for complicated methods, nor do I cook by the book. My love for the slow cooker is absolute. It cooks for hours, without much intervention on my part.

Black Chicken Herbal Soup in da house!

Throw all the ingredients in and wait

Smell the aroma wafting in your kitchen

A bit of garnishing and ole!

The recipe? You can throw in whatever you like - tomatoes, mushroom, etc. 

- Black chicken (whole)
- Large onions (quartered)
- Cabbage (sliced)
- Baby carrots (whole)
- Goji berries
- Salt n Pepper to taste (feel free to experiment)
- Water (enough to fill the pot)

Throw ALL the ingredients into the slow cooker, on high heat. Come back in 3-5 hours, depending how soft you want your chicken to be.

Devour as is, with rice or noodles.


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