Jan 19, 2011

0 Of 2011 Ang Pows (Red Packets)

Those were the days.. you could give out RM2 and RM4 ang pows and no one would complain. Heck, I even received twenty-cent ang pows and I was ecstatic over it. It never crossed my mind to say, "So little?". 

2s and 4s were significant numbers meant to convey "double" and "double the double" in prosperity wishes to the receiver, so grandma says.

The meaning is lost these days, no thanks to our constant chase for all things materialistic. Kids only see it as a means to buy that PlayStation or that Barbie doll.

Some free ang pow packets I got :

Love the mandarin orange colour
and tribute to nature

Hong Leong Bank goes traditional red,
giving significance to the Rabbit year

Bata does "safe" blossoms

Not free:
Bought from Tesco - Attractive gold!

This one will go to my parents - they deserve the best, don't they.. ;)


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