Aug 16, 2012

4 My new oven.. (★.★) and the beehive cake

Note from a fan
The first thing I did when I got my new oven was to look for a recipe to try. No I didn't, of course.

Honestly, I updated my Facebook status and tweeted about my new kitchen toy because I could not contain my excitement.

It was something I wanted to shout to the world although it meant nothing to them. That's how thrilled I am about it.

It was only after that, that I started to think about what to bake. I settled on the beehive cake after pouring through a ton of recipes.

Not because it looked attractive on Google Images.

I just recalled that it was my late aunt's signature cake. She was considered the "sifu" (guru) in our family because she could always get the honeycomb-like texture to form beautifully. It was a talent everyone admired.

The recipe I chose is called the "Vietnamese Honeycomb Cake". It's pandan based and should have been green but I used real leaves without any colouring.

As I gathered the ingredients, feelings of trepidation started to overwhelm me. Bah! I soldiered on. Off my two baking trays went into the oven with fingers crossed.

30 minutes later, I took a peek just to check. Liar! My eyes were glued on the oven the entire time. My hand was armed with a torchlight, to shine through the glass for a better look. Every few minutes, my face was warmed as I leaned closer to check on its progress. The cake never had a chance to burn!

I finally took out the perfectly browned baked mounds after what seemed like eternity. I imagine my home smelt as good as the witch's in Hansel and Gretal. The aroma was just heavenly.

A carve and a bite later, I was craving for more. It was so scrumptious that I could not stop eating it, nor could the family. Further woe to waistline. 

I was happy that it turned out well at my first attempt. And happier than happy if there were such a thing, because it was my way of reconnecting to my late aunt.

Into the new, shiny oven you go

The Dark Knight rises..I mean, the beehive cake rises

Tadaa..oh my, it formed!

Side view, cake popped out nicely and easily


  1. I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEE beehive cakes!!!!! Oh, Sharon, you are my idol! You know how to bake one! Gee... if only we are neighbours!!! Pls pls pls..... Life would be wonderful then... I tambah kg together wif you! Hahahaha!! Love you!

  2. Thanks LG. Aiyarr..better don't tambah anymore kgs, nanti we have to sew our own baju! lol and xo ^.^


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