Aug 31, 2012

2 The Fluffy Pandan Cake

It's fluffy! The fluffiest cake I have ever eaten and now, I can't get it out of my mind. It's probably a blessing that I don't live near the area, otherwise.....
It's non-sugared cream
I'm beginning to realise that the best tasting cakes are not always found in high end bakeries. It's the little obscure stalls that seem to surprise me.

I stumbled across this kueh (cake) stall when I was scouring for food at the Neighbourhood Cafe Food Court in Kota Damansara. The kueh owner had a table of tea goodies on display.

Everything looked so delicious but the pandan cakes attracted me most because of its vibrant colour and interesting take.

I purchased two varieties, one folded with cream and the other, Swiss roll style. Both were extremely light and soft very much like the chiffon cake. It wasn't "dry". Everything went into my mouth so quickly and easily. I had thought that the cream would be sweet, but it was bland on its own. Just the perfect touch on a cake that's already rich in flavour.

Sigh..there goes my waistline. And now, I share this with you with fat hopes that you too will join me in the "No WaistLine Club". Of course not! ^.^

With green custard stripes

We had it for tea


  1. I like chiffon cake because they are moist and soft. I am dreaming of a cup of double expresso with the last picture.

  2. Oh, you are tempting me now .. ^.^


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