Nov 14, 2012

0 A Whiff Of Freshness For The Bathroom

....and I discovered it quite by being inquisitive.

I've this habit of testing out cheaper brands to see if I can replace pricier items at home to save on grocery shopping.

Sometimes I get a good hit, sometimes I just "gotta suck it in" and keep it until I figure out what to do with it, like this mouth rinse I purchased. The label reads 18% alcohol. I could get drunk on this I think.

I soon discovered that it was made of stuff built to destroy the toughest "meanies" on our gums. I do not doubt its effectiveness and would have gladly added it onto my monthly shopping list but I couldn't endure the burning that came immediate. If I cannot stand it, logic tells me that nothing having made a cosy home in my mouth can.

I was staring at the bottle of sky blue liquid and I thought..

"You look like you could kill an army of germs with just a drop.."

So I poured a couple of dashes into my white toilet bowl. My oh my, I have to say it IS the Febreeze for bathrooms. If there was any unfavourable scent lingering before, it was all gone. The whole place smelled like a breath of fresh air.

Dark bathroom secret revealed ~ Every time I have visitors coming over, I pour some of this mouth rinse into the bowl. The scent lasts into the next hour, until someone flushes of course. It works better than air fresheners. Mmm..I wonder if other mouthwashes are as effective ...


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