Aug 28, 2013

4 Fraser's Hill ~ A place to chill

I did a bit of domestic traveling. My Raya holidays was spent gallivanting from one tourist attraction to another. Fraser's Hill was one of the places I visited on a day trip out of Kuala Lumpur.

It's just two hours away.. we were told. Took us almost three hours because we made a small stop to stretch our legs. The winding uphill road is no place for a Formula One race. It is also unfriendly to those likely to suffer from motion sickness. I'm so glad I went prepared.

Fraser's Hill

The hill was named after Scottish tin prospector, Louis James Fraser. This was in the early 1920s after his mysterious disappearance. Makes for a nice thriller novel, doesn't it? The Sherlock Holmes kind. Fraser Hill's, to me, is a lovely spot for creative juices to flow. Novel writing, cooking, painting...composing music.

I could move here a couple of months, pretend I was the next Jamie Oliver, whipping up fancy meals in the middle of the street. Reallyyyyy.... I've got to get my head out of the clouds.

I stand near the roundabout where the clock tower is, taking the view in. Small gusts of cool air play with my hair. I am surrounded by British colonial buildings. Did horse-drawn carriages ply this route? Did ladies in pretty puffy dresses and wide ribbon hats have many strolls on this pebble road where I now plant my feet?

Police Station

Post Office


Public Toilet

Outdoor benches

Fraser's Hill is more than just charming old buildings. The Bird Interpretive Center is clear indication that it is a haven for bird watchers and nature lovers. Other things-to-do include jungle trekking, camping, paddle boating at Allan's Water ..and meditation. You won't find meditation in the travel pamphlet but it's so serene here, I believe that I could go into some sort of Zen mode if I stayed a little longer.

Oops.. I almost forgot to mention the bountiful flowers that have been so carefully tended in Fraser's Hill. They are beautiful to look at. The park benches are a brilliant idea. I sat many minutes admiring the environment and fresh air. I'll share more flower photos in my next blog post.

For now, I have these:

Bird Interpretive Center

Beautiful Flowers

A Gardener's Fairy Tale

Note: Fraser's Hill is crowded on weekends and most of the shops are closed on Public Holidays. If you want a peaceful experience, then these are the days to avoid.


  1. Did they just revamp the place? I remember I was bored to tears when I visited many years ago...... It looks really pretty now :)

    1. They've spruced up the place with lovely flowers but if you're not into 'meditating' and bird watching, it may not be your cup of tea :)

  2. i have never been there must go one day

    1. I'm excited thinking about it. Your photos are so beautiful!


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