Jul 14, 2018

6 Tamarind Square And The 24-Hour Book Store

Tamarind Square is this new beautifully designed office and shopping building in Cyberjaya. It is well planned - I say this because it's built with good air flow and space naturally lit by sun rays. The ambiance is all vibes of inner peace and joy.

In this wondrous pleasing to the eye maze of a building is a 24-hr book store run by BookXcess, the first of its kind in Malaysia and a start of something that should have been done years ago. I mean, how much late night clubbing can a person do in their young life and how many mamaks can one frequent before boredom sets in?

BookXcess, Tamarind Square

I wish we had a 24-hr book store in my younger days - it would have been another place to hang out with friends and my parents would have been thrilled that it wasn't in smoky dance joints. We will, we will, rock you!

"Girl, where are you going at 11pm? "

"Book store la, Ma. Be back after I see the sunrise. Yes, yes, I brought my pepper spray. "

My parents are the great kind. We were encouraged to be independent from a young age and we were responsible for the consequences of our actions. They let us fall and pick ourselves up. We were team 'buy your own house, get your own car, pay your own bills, fund your own education degree' from the moment we hit 21. I have strayed off topic. Lol.

BookXcess Open 24-Hours

Anyway, to get to the book store, drive up the open road beside the building which leads to the uncovered parking lot. I don't recommend the indoor one. The place is still very much under construction. Ground floor parking was acceptable, two floors up was just eerie and dusty. This was the state it was in during my visit a month back.

Tamarind Square Open Carpark

Here's a look at the rest of Tamarind Square. The shoplots on the upper floor are two-storey units with a rooftop garden. It makes a very nice dining spot. Imagine having a drink al fresco with an old friend under a starlit sky in a setting of lush greenery. I was just thinking that I wouldn't mind this design for an apartment building.

Tamarind Square - Up, Down, In, Out

Upper Floor

One side of the walkway are shop units, the other side had balconies overlooking the garden. I'm not sure if this space is available for rent but I can imagine transforming the area into an open concept meeting room. No more dreary office walls, an unconventional business discussion outside, the scenery an encouragement for fresh ideas. Yeah, I'd like that - white IKEA chairs and a table large enough for coffee, cakes and contracts.

Let's Buy A Unit

This is the view below. Those glass chambers surrounded by metal netting would make neat kopitiams. I noticed a Kedai Dobi taking up one awesome unit.

Tamarind Square Is All About Keeping It Green

Tamarind Square Shoplots

Excited to come here? For now, it only makes sense if you live nearby. There are barely any shops open.

Temporarily A World Cup Event Space

View From The Entrance of Book Xcess

Tamarind Square
Address: Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 11, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


  1. Love the concept of this building. All green.

    And how I wish for a 24-hours book store here too. We have 24-hours supermarket nearby and I wish to have 24-hours book store near my place too. In need of bookstore near my place. Haha.

    You know where to find me then ^^...

  2. Tamarind Square looks really beautiful..love how green and clean the environment is. Thanks for sharing, Sharon.

  3. The first time I stepped into the 24 hour book store was in Taipei over 10 years ago. That is the Eslite Bookstore chain which is world class and sells top notch books and stuffs.

    I hope ours will do well since they are located at the university town where you see lots of students studying 24 hours at the Starbucks too.

  4. A 24 hour book store - that is my kind of store!

  5. Wow, 24-hr bookstore seems cool! Don’t think I’ve been to one before. xoxo

  6. A 24-hr bookstore is cool! Don’t think I’ve been to one though....... xoxo


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