Jul 3, 2018

18 Sundays Are For All Sorts Of Things

Watch a Movie
"Let's go watch Incredibles 2? " Hubs said. I responded with, "What. No. How about Animal World? It's about a crazy clown."

Animal World

To tell you the truth, I have big love for Asian movies like Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note (2006), Golden Knight Garo (not ashamed to say that I purchased the DVD collection, lol!), The Host .. I am just itching to watch Terra Formars to my husband's dismay. I have however missed a lot of good films, unfortunately or fortunately depending who you ask, because I don't make time for the TV as often as many people.

Anyway, Animal World  is a Chinese movie about gambling based on the popular Japanese manga Kaiji. I loved the special effects, there was great acting and chemistry between the cast and the plot was good. The only thing that almost made me snore was the draggy explanations and gambling card pop-ups that seemed to take up more screen time than necessary. The film is nothing about a crazy clown, by the way - well, the trailer ...

Good thing I had Durian popcorn to make me feel better. Anyway, this is still a nice film to watch because it's all about the ugly side of human nature.

Delicious Durian Popcorn

Only six of us in this hall.

mmCinplexes, e-Curve

Free Food
Wendy's Malaysia gave out free burgers for a guessing game. I scored one for myself and collected it at their branch in IPC mall. Okayyy, I told myself - Be grateful now, give thanks.

Wendy's Malaysia - Free Burger


A floor below Wendy's outlet, was an open stall selling tableware. Lots of fascinating designs. I am easily swayed by all things pretty. Hubs was swayed too - by a charming salesman who convinced him that he needed these cute Chinese teacups, the man who barely drinks tea at home.

IPC Shopping Mall

The items were priced reasonably ranging from RM2 to RM25, mostly.

Microwave and Oven Friendly Tableware

According to the shop assistant, they are also selling these items in a more permanent corner at Midvalley Megamall on the 3rd floor. It's inside a budget clothes shop right beside Celebrity Fitness.

We ended the day with a bit of marketing and dinner at Kedai Kopi Mee Bon, a dim sum outlet in Jalan Ipoh.


  1. That's a productive Sunday :-) Love the pretty tableware.

    1. Yeah, usually spend it gallivanting here and there :D

  2. Replies
    1. Kakaka ..the food is pretty good, Sharon. Looks nothing like this free burger :P

  3. Goodness! You ate durian pop corns. Did anyone scream? I also love Asian movies and British movies but my wife loathes them. She says they are poorly directed.

    1. Haha! No, because besides hubs and me, there were only four other people in the whole hall. And the popcorn did not have a strong aroma of durian.

      Aah, some probably are but it just means that you and I are more loose and lighthearted when it comes to movie-watching ..kakaka.

  4. I haven gone for a movie for a long time... let alone asian movie.

    1. Yalah ..you where can sit still!! ^.^ Always here and there with one activity after another.

  5. I don't get to the movies near as often as I would like.

  6. No durian popcorn sold over here in the cinema. I just catch a movie this afternoon. With big bucket of caramelized popcorn.

    Lately my man is crazy about tableware. He bought the stuff mostly, while I am required to use them. Hehe.

    1. I can imagine all your kids reaching in for a bite. Lol. Were you watching The Incredibles? ;)
      That's great news on the tableware, Rose! Beautiful food presentation for the blog.

    2. We watched The Antman and Wasp.

      Yes. Nice for photography, the tableware.

  7. Replies
    1. I hope you get to. It's a film of what greed does to us!

  8. Haven't been to a movie for a long, long time! I love their popcorns!

    1. Me too - can never resist a box of popcorn!

  9. durian popcorn sounds great, I would like to try
    the tea cup with gold fish inside is cute
    I think I will buy that too if I was there


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