Feb 12, 2011

0 The Bacon Bakkwa beckons

Like a fly to unhygenic places, that's where I went to find my favourite snack, the bakkwa, a dried BBQ meat usually made of pork or chicken.

And what better time to do this than the Lunar New Year when the air of festivity is high and you find flimsy stalls sprouting up like mushrooms all over town, selling mandarin oranges, bakkwa, meat floss, pomelos and what not.

I know that bakkwa is sold all year round in shops which mass produce this in a cleaner environment, but where's the spirit of exploration, eh? I tire of the "same old same old" from these professionals.

So I scoured the neighbourhood for THE bakkwa which will bring me out of the doldrums.

I started off by buying a couple of slices from Hock Bee Hiong, a stall I found in Serdang (Photos below). It was alright, pretty standard fare with a tinge of sweetness in the meat.

Starting up the charcoal

Raw and BBQ-ed - the common bakkwa

Cooking up a sweat

What a typical stall looks like

And then I found something "Wonderful" along Jalan Ipoh.

No, not this meat floss

This one... Bacon Bakkwa!!
Maybe not a new discovery for others, but it sure is for me. I so love the flavours that come out of this, sweet and salty, and all that glossy fat definately contributed to its rich taste. It just has that oomph I can't explain.

Ok...last one, last one! Addictive stuff!


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