Feb 10, 2011

0 You just know when someone's still in the holiday mood..

And this happened in Public Bank, Solaris..

We took a number, waited for the Customer Service Officer who, by the way, was not attending to anyone. Rather, she was chatting away with another officer, while typing on her PC. 

We were about four, five numbers away from our turn. Strangely, there were no other customers around.

The queue number remain unchanged for quite sometime. After a fairly long wait, we walked to the teller counter to enquire on the delay.

The minute the officer saw her Supervisor approaching us, the queue numbers on the electronic board kept going until it was our turn. I assume that Customers before us left without completing their transaction.

"How can I help you?" the plump mature, somewhat unpleasant looking, lady asked.

"Our ATM card is damaged, could we get a new one?" we responded.

"Have you brought your passbook along for verification? Without it, we can't issue you a new card?" she replied slightly irritated.

"We didn't bring it, but can't you verify this from our MyKad?" we responded.

"No. you have to bring it." she insisted.

Stupid policy, we thought but refrained from arguing further. I never got this from Maybank the last time I had to change my ATM card.

The next morning, we went to Public Bank, Taman Tun armed with the passbook. This time, a young smiling chap, attended to us. Without much ado, he issued us a new card and did the necessary verification using only our MyKad. The passbook? ..Never asked for it.


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