May 26, 2011

0 i-City @ Shah Alam - Lights Wonderland

I have always been intrigued with i-City, ever since photos of the place flooded my Facebook News Feed. Newsworthy it was with abundant eye-catching visuals of man-made trees adorned with colourful lights that graced the dim evening sky.

Arriving early has it priviledges - we were not made to pay for parking and we had the opportunity to compare what the place looked like in the day and at night.

Quiet, but not without its own charm. There're horse rides and romantic couples sitting in carriages passing by. A BBQ steamboat restaurant in the corner, the famous Gasoline Cafe in another and fair-like game booths.

A huge TV screen with seats made of cement and an unfinished open-air stage still in gravel state take up a huge empty field nearly. I wonder if this could be where Malaysia will host the much awaited MTV World Stage 2011.

The visit was worth it. I leave i-City enchanted. Just 40 minutes out of Kuala Lumpur, that's not too far a journey. 

Flying horses and Reindeers

Panda Bear

Swans, Frogs abd Pelicans


And more trees

Bottle brushes

As night approaches

Glowing in the dark

Plastic beauty




The big screen


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