Jan 7, 2013

0 A Chinese take for the New Year dinner

I love to cook...probably not the most enlightening statement of the year.

Here's what I whipped up a few days ago for some close family friends. I made chick-kut-teh (herbal chicken soup) and three different kind of braised mixed vegetables! I could have stopped at two but no, once my feet is planted in the kitchen, it is gala time with the pots and pans.

I am oft-bemused by my culinary drama. My nose is usually the culprit of these over-indulgences. It is easily smitten by the whiff of aromatic herbs and spice and makes my stomach signal upwards, '"Surrrely one dish be too little for a feast on ssuch a special..l occasion." I could have sworn I heard that in the voice of a dirty pirate. Arrr..!

... Always end up cooking more.

Behold, the feast.

Top (from Left): Chick-Kut-Teh, Wood Ears and Dried Beancurd with Glass Noodles
Bottom (from Left): Cabbages, Chilli, Capsicum and Cuttlefish (4Cs), Lettuce in Oyster Sauce


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