Apr 11, 2011

2 Chicken Sausages in Vanilla Cream Soda

The urge to gobble up gourmet sausages like those seen on glossy cookbooks beckoned me. A sudden interest caused by a picture perfect sausage laden in dark wine sauce which I saw in my recipe book earlier. I was left salivating over the page.

It wasn't in me to follow any recipe through to the dot. Preferring to use my imagination, I tend to fill my shopping basket with whatever I fancy and found conveniently on my rounds in the supermarket. My poor eyes aren't used to reading tiny labels and I've a hard time trying to figure out what's suitable for what, so to hell with that.

In this instance, I didn't even use wine although it was a big part of the sauce. It's a bit ambitious buying a big bottle to satisfy a one-off craving, don't you think? Root beer should do the job. It IS cheaper. Purple cabbages make this a more nutritious meal, I think. Both combined should produce a dark shade of colour..just like the picture!

There are times I'm done in with insecure thoughts of failing but it doesn't last long, nor does it really deter me because I have this illogical notion that all food's an acquired taste. One man's meat, another's poison? No meal is really awful, it's just not to your liking.

What of this cooking adventure then? It was awesome to the tongue and that's a big bonus.

"Ling, this is delicious. It doesn't taste like root beer at all.", I beamed with pride at the compliment I received.

Still, a nagging feeling that something wasn't quite right gnawed at me. I walked to the kitchen and took another look at the can of drink I had purchased to make the sauce.

"Huh,vanilla cream soda?  Could've sworn I took root beer.", I bemused.

Sparkling Vanilla Cream Soda..oh, well

The finished product

Purple cabbage, baby carrots, quartered onions

Yummy....rich sweetish flavour

Again, no precise measurements, because.

- A dollop of Butter
- A can of  Sparkling Vanilla Cream Soda
- Sausages (6)
- Onions (Quartered)
- Purple cabbage (Thinly sliced)
- Baby carrots (Poke with fork)
- Marmite
- Dark soy sauce
- Salt and pepper
- Thick cream 

To do:
Fry onions in butter, followed by sausages. Once brown, add carrots, vanilla cream soda (half a can or more - your call), a teaspoon or two of Marmite and a wee bit of dark soy just to darken the sauce a little.

Then, add a pinch of salt and pepper for no good reason and leave everything to cook for twenty minutes or so until the flavours are all soaked in. That's why I poked the carrots, so the juice can seep in.

Lastly, mix in the thinly sliced purple cabbage and some cream to give the sauce some body. Give it a good stir fry and we're done!


  1. Vanilla cream soda in cooking this recipe, wow, something new for me.


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