Apr 27, 2011

0 PJ Laugh Fest 2011 - God of Carnage

The PJ laugh fest is back! 

It kicks off with the God of Carnage, a comical tale of two modern over-achieving parents trying to resolve an issue of misdemeanor involving their sons in a friendly and organised manner befitting the status of civilised society.

It's a story we can easily relate to, poking fun at parents of today who shield their children against the harsh realities of the world.

As the two parents meet to discuss their sons, they soon find it a struggle to maintain the niceties when differences in opinions begin to cloud their original purpose. Good sense evaporate into ugly pettiness, giving us a glimpse of their uncultured behaviour. Not too different from times of yore when society was presumed to be crass in their dealings.

It serves as a reminder that while we have conditioned ourselves to fit in as deemed correct by modern society, we have yet to acknowledge that we are all subject to a myriad of emotions which largely contribute to the way we react to things. What we have mastered throughout the ages is to maintain a facade acceptable to the educated majority, which does not necessarily reflect who we are inside.

The stage

Will Quah, Lina Teoh, Maya Tan and Megat Sharizal played their characters well as the concerned parents but I must applaud the ladies in particular for the strong performance they put on. I felt drawn into their trivial arguments.

Maya Tan played the wife who was the perfectionist you just want to strangle. It was a straightforward role but she brought so much life into it that I was completely sold on her performance.

Lina Teoh was impeccable in the diversity she had to carry as the understanding wife who later became a defensive mother struck by a bout of nausea and had gotten drunk after the discussion fell apart. I'm so amazed by the "realness" of it all.

The play is a lengthy display of articulatory prowess, but there are comedic scenes catering to the more visually inclined as well.  You would not want to miss the part where Will Quah walks around in his boxer shorts. I could not recall anything else that accompanied that scene, nor the verbal assault that was going on. Too tickled to notice? Yeah, I think so..

Megat Sharizal's caveman rant will leave you in stitches and the part where Lina Teoh enacts a flawless vomit scene (was it real ..or not?) will gross one out enough to be impressed. Fair warning to those sitting in the front row ..

Enlightening and entertaining, this is one play I'm glad I didn't miss.

The location - PJLA Theatre

The lift is cute

What's inside the flyer

I was lucky enough to get a free pass in, thanks to Huai Bin (sixthseal.com), who had run a contest in his blog

Admission Fee: RM60. When: 28 April to 8 May 2011. Duration: 1 hour, 30 mins. Where: PJ Live Arts.


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