Apr 19, 2011

0 German Motors - Reliable, Professional, Personal, they are

We decided to try out a new car service centre - German Motors. Just wanted to tweak the car's performance a little. No regrets here.

They were attentive and voluntarily shared their knowledge. Even taught us a few driving tricks, like stepping on the brakes twice to completely stop the vehicle from moving, kinda like a handbrake. 

And when they made a mistake (a minor one), we were not charged for it - big plus point. I like.

A bit about what the place looks like:

Located somewhere behind Jaya 33, PJ

Many customers

Fully equipped and neat

Professionals on the job

Cozy office area

They gave a gift..how sweet

Popular with Mercedes and BMW car owners because they specialise in servicing these brands. They do things right. I'm not surprised they have many customers.

So, will we abandon our regular car workshop then? ...decisions, decisions..they do cost more.


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