Jun 25, 2011

8 Ice Cream with Toast Bread Pieces and Fruit

Ice cream with toast bread is the bomb for me. The easiest treat I've ever made and I'm not talking about slapping a scoop of ice cream onto a piece of square bread piece. That would be too easy.. hmmph!

THIS is more like it..

Adding drama to a simple treat

- Vanilla ice cream
- Toasted bread (cut into bite size pieces)
- Fresh or canned fruits of your choice (Canned oranges for me)

1. Scoop some ice cream into your favourite glass
2. Place toast pieces and fruits over it
3. Top with more ice cream

I use Vanilla ice cream because I love natural colours in my food and white compliments the rest of the ingredients I've put in together.


  1. simple and tasty looking dessert. Fresh fruits will be a good choice.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog Sharon, appreciate it very much.

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  3. It is easy to make and it looks like a delicious treats! :)

  4. Thanks Nava, fresh is best and I speak the truth. Your recipes make me feel like walking into the kitchen to whip up a meal.

    Thanks Lindy..extremely yummy ^.^

  5. looks nice..
    but the toast bread will be soft right?

  6. ..Not if you eat it straight. I'm making a guess because I don't find mine soggy - has a very light crunch still..and I also don't flatten the toast in ^.^

  7. aiyarr...that's why i've a double chin. my job is to make everyone else hungry while i stay full (cos i'm always the one eating obviously..ekeke)


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