Jun 18, 2011

4 Me and You char kway (Chinese cruller)

My favourite treat - Fresh off the wok "you char kway", richly slathered with melted butter and kaya.

Lightly salted fried bread stick - buttered and jammed

It was one of the things I missed most when I left for the big city a decade back. I had assumed in my simple mind that it would be a readily available snack all over Kuala Lumpur. I mean, who hasn't eaten 'you char kway' with kaya and butter, right? .. right? 

After visiting a couple of stalls, however, I came to the conclusion that city folks don't appreciate the finer things in 'you char kways'.

"No..no kaya,butter!" was the standard reply.

Here, they are sold as plain as day. I had a sinking feeling that I would miss it greatly and over the years, it just became the longest unfulfilled food craving ever.

Of course, I could have bought plain ones and added in my own filling but it wouldn't taste as heavenly, now would it? .. not after reheating and all.

So, on my recent trip back to Labuan..ehehe

That's mine!

Slice in half with a long knife

Make sure you're not on a diet

Good food comes rich in fat and flavour

The Kaya goes in next

There's my takeaway!


  1. I like this dipped in black coffee, you should try one of these days and see whether you like it this way for a change.

  2. That's a brilliant idea - I shall ^.^


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