Jun 8, 2011

2 Forget, I cannot!

Let go, let go, let go
Easier said, that is so
Make light not another’s grief
You steal joy, you uncaring thief!

Years of sorrow
The feeling cannot just GO..!
It sits in the subconscious
Waiting to strike, it is merciless..

One is never really over it
'Those' memories are easily lit
A familiarity, a significance once shared,
It brings back moments once had

If the mind be a futuristic tech phenomenon
‘Esc’ pain, ‘Save’ love, ‘Delete’ burden
The heart would be lighter
Life, simpler.

~ Sharon D. @ 8 Jun 2011


  1. Hi, Like that closing of "Delete" Burden and save love.

  2. You have absolutely made my day ♥


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