Jun 9, 2011

2 THE-licious Soto Daging (Beef Noodle Soup) @ Labuan

"With great company, comes great food."

No doubt about that. I was recently in Labuan for a holiday. Much merrymaking and feasting leaves me drugged in relaxation and in a state of paradise. Could I have found heaven? ..

The islanders are a simple lot, you'll hear "ayes" of approval in many conversations. While gossip thrives, as is typical of a small town, words of skepticism and discouragement are rarely spoken. You can depend on them for a fun day out in the sun.

I can't help but wonder if city folks are getting a worse bargain for all the hype that surrounds a more affluent society. They seem to be missing a key element in life, that is, contentment.

Our day started with breakfast at a Soto stall. Mom says that this is THE best soto in town...like THE, THE best. Ok mom, whatever you say. She's right, you know.

We made our way to THE stall located just a couple of rows behind Milimewa supermarket.

Here, I tucked into tender meat, fresh vegs and thin noodles in a bowl of glorious soup...bowl of glorious soup..bowl of glorious soup..bowl of glorious soup..bowl of glorious soup. Oops, sorry about that. Lost my train of thoughts somewhere.

In the middle of a row of shophouses

THE stall

We placed our orders

The secret ingredients revealed

Oh wow, I certainly underestimated the
amazingness of this local dish

Seconds, please?

In the good company of Mom and aunts


  1. This bowl of noodles are a great start up for the day but beef is not for me, being Hindus, we don't cook and eat beef at home.

  2. Thank you, Nava. You're a gem :)


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