Oct 12, 2011

0 The Attractions - Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai

I heart this place. See?

Err...and all that's in it .. ?

Hot water fountains? Sssssmokin'!


I wouldn't test the waters if I were you

Mmm..where does this bridge lead to?

An escape route

There are warning signs along the way.

It's a river of natural HOT water and there are spots
where it bubbles..danger, danger

Stay safe, stay on the bridge
Stop here for a natural sauna experience

Off the bridge!

Picnic tables!
Tap water in the great outdoors

Tree planting is encouraged

Mmm.. I'm hungry. Boiled eggs, anyone?

Haaa?! No more eggs!!

Whose eggs are these? May I have it, pretty please?

There are other stalls (they don't open so early)
Laksa and...mmm..I didn't really notice

I'm going for a dip now. Tata!

The hot water pool

Gotta ease myself into this one. Woo..it's hot!

The cold water pool. Fun.
I'm hot, then I'm cold.


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