Oct 5, 2011

0 A Cousin's Birthday

We celebrated my cousin's Birthday twice - once when her mom flew down from Sabah and later again with our aunt who had just been discharged from the hospital.

It's not that we're cheapskates. We've learned a valuable lesson from all the years of celebrating Birthdays, that is, "Don't buy a big cake". There's usually no stomach space left after a heavy celebratory meal and oh dear, can we eat!

My cousin made a wish and blew the flames out of the large candle that stood unsteadily on the soft mooncake, which her mom bought for her. Technically, it IS still a cake..

Happy Birthday, J! That's one huge candle!

A couple of weeks later, cousin was called over to celebrate her special day once again, how lucky for her. This time, it was Aunt Em who sponsored the cake and meal. It was her way of thanking my cousin for being there for her when she was hospitalised.

I was sent to run the errand since Aunt Em was still weak from the operation. I made my way to the bakery in Jusco, Midvalley to get the cake. I knew they sold in smaller sizes and at reasonable prices.

When I saw this cute cake, my mind was made up instantly. Forget I did to ask for the flavour, to survey the rest. This RM20 cutie was boxed and ribboned. Home I went with a grin on my face.

"Sooooo prettyyyYy! What cake is this?" asked Aunt Em excitedly, when I proudly displayed the purchase.

"Huh..?" Was my lame reply.

Perfect for a sweet girl, not for the sweet-toothed - it is NOT sweet

Generous creamy frosting. We got 6 decent-sized slices out of this cake.


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