Oct 10, 2011

0 The room at Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai

We arrive, finally. The one and a half hour drive was peppered with awesome songs from the radio, particularly this one, which became sort of our holiday anthem. The laid-back tune conveyed our mood for the duration perfectly.

The small tarred road leading into Felda Residence is well maintained, unlike those in the city which are pothole ridden and uneven. I sometimes close my mind to things around me and imagine I'm driving through gravel roads in the great green outdoors surrounded by big trees in the freshest shades of colour. Of course, what really lies before me are mundane grey structures.

The check in process was smooth. A down-to-earth front counter staff attended to us and she wasn't stingy with information. All was well. The weather, the drive, the people - it was though this trip had the blessings from up above. 

The room I booked was located on the second floor. I climbed the stairs in positive anticipation and I swear there was an added bounce in my steps. Bah! It's probably just the new shoes I'm wearing.

When I walked through the door, it was more than I expected. Spacious, reasonably priced at RM220 per night including breakfast.

We carried little, just light luggage and some leftover char siew pao (steamed pork buns) which we had 'tapao-ed' (takeaway) all the way from back home.

I wished we had brought some instant noodles along though. When dinner time was due, we were left gasping in horror, "Haaa?!!! Semua tutup?!!". Yes, the food stalls close early and it was too dark to drive out anywhere. BbrRrr.. we were stuck in the middle of a palm oil plantation, in seclusion from the urban society we were used to. It was a ghost story waiting to happen.

So, we had our meal in the hotel restaurant, gulping in mediocre fare at unattractive prices. 

Nice facade
A carving of our National Flower, the Bunga Raya

Stairway to the rooms


The spacious Deluxe room

TV corner

Balcony + window

The bath


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