Jun 24, 2012

2 At the launch of Selangorlicious 2012

Selangorlicious - a food blogging competition to uncover Selangor's best kept street food secret. The great thing is, you don't need to be a blogger to participate! Yeay!

I was at the launch of the month-long event with a friend. We arrived early. It was an easy find as Paradox Art Cafe was just around the corner from 1Utama's open car park.

Here we are, for the first time
It seems like a cool place to hang out. Private enough for good conversations and a relaxing time. That's the impression I got as we walked in.

We helped ourselves to a glass of coke. ..coke....is this coke??? Diluted - Watered down brown soda, there you have it. Gasp! Horror!

I'm particular even if it isn't something I drink often.

Cosy ambiance
The organisers did an amazing job making everyone comfortable. There were lots of activities and I'm really glad for the variety of games. "This old lady" is always all for laid-back fun stuff like, "Guess the number of cookies in a jar". Hey, I'm just not into things that's gonna work my heart rate too much @.@

The rest of the evening was spent cheering other people on so that they'd succeed in completing the game challenges to qualify for prizes. One thing's for sure, the organisers are a generous lot.

There was also a live twitter contest going on and I would have participated...if only I'd figured out how to post from my phone... BAH! My will to try withered as I engrossed myself with my glass of coke.
Games in progress

The Marshmallow Nightmare
..stuff those in your mouth and repeat a phrase

Sort by colour as fast as you can!
Math isn't one of my strong points. That night, it was put to some use - "This times that equals that, times that again..." and tadaaa..

The book I won from guessing the no. of cookies.
I love it so much!
Soon after, YB Elizabeth Wong was invited to the stage to officiate the event. I sat in awe listening to her. She's such an inspiration, humble in her words and dressing, with none of that hoity-toity air about her. The speeches were to-the-point so it wasn't long before we were ushered to the buffet table.

Yummiest dish of the night - Grilled Lamb
Aww..they gave us cookies to bring home

We made new friends, laughed, ate heartily ..what an awesome night, and it's all thanks to Tourism Selangor.

For details on the competition : http://www.selangorlicious.my


  1. This look like a fun event. I'd love to have those books too!

    I have an award for you. To find out more, please visit here:


  2. ...Thank you, Autumn Belle ♥ It's so thoughtful of you and I am so touched. I've never thought my blog as much ..I cannot describe how I feel right now but you have just made my day !


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