Jun 2, 2012

2 Repressive!

A shackled press
An economy in distress 

Yet they say there’s no mess

They quote, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds”
Even when our pocket bleeds
 They insist they’ve met our needs

This land is free
Wait… not free, for a fee
They want our “unquestioning” loyalty

History books have been changed
Insecure works of the deranged
 Our children, shortchanged!

We ban artists
But keep sexist Czarists
In our Parliament they exist..

Voiceless against violence
Helpless against rising vice and public nuisance
Cowered into acceptance by Little Napoleons

Have we lost all sense
In this quicksand of nonsense
We’re stuck deep but still we keep up the "fine" pretense…

~ Sharon D. @ 02 June 2012


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