Jun 7, 2012

0 The Yellow Wonders of the World..

Some kind of wonderful has happened. Once in awhile, you find something phenomenal...and it CAN be a fruit..Alleluia, I sing praises for the mango!

If there were a list for the yellow wonders of the fruit world, I'd have voted for Indian Sweet Mangoes to be in it. It is plump, juicy goodness that I can't get out of my head. Sweet yes, but not killingly. I guess that's one of the reasons it appeals to my taste-buds.

Can you imagine chomping into a fresh fruit with juice splashing out of the sides of your lips. You take a moment to savour its sweetness in your mouth before it all goes down.

Then, you take another bite.. then another and another and then, "poof". It's all gone. Omigosh! DID I BUY ENOUGH?!!!!!

Succulent mango

Palm-sized and luscious

RM12.40 for these beauties

You can buy it here at Syed, Bangsar

Indian sweet mangoes at RM12 per KG


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