Jun 28, 2012

2 Sri Sinar Terrace House - Jalan 34D/38A Segambut (Kepong)

We (hubby and I) came across these neat little 2.5 storey terrace houses in Segambut a couple of months ago. It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths - perfect for small families. Only two rows were constructed. It is located within an old neighbourhood facing the Nova II apartments.

Priced from RM500k onwards, it is a tall order for property agents to get these homes sold. I'll elaborate and this is my personal opinion.

Granted, it sits on freehold land but it isn't exactly prime area, nor a gated community. The surroundings speak for itself.

Notice the cars parked along the left side of the road (from the photo below). These are, I presume, owned by those living in the older houses across the road since the new units are still vacant. I can only imagine how congested it would be later on. 

In light of this, I'd definitely opt for the lots behind if I were considering a purchase.

Surroundings (new houses on the left)

The units behind
On a positive note, the finishes look neat on first impression and the overall design is pleasing to the eye. If it were built elsewhere in better surroundings, I may even think about putting a down-payment on it, in all earnestness.

I had to use Wikimapia to find the exact location

Other landmarks : These units can be seen, on your right, from the main road leading into Anjung Tiara (Semi Ds).

Click here to see an advertisement I found on PropertyGuru if you're keen on looking into it further.


  1. Property prices have escalated a lot. This one is on the expensive side.

  2. Oh, I agree. "Very" is the word and in such cramped surroundings.


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