Feb 18, 2013

0 Getting old and into handicrafts

Sometimes I wonder how my twilight years will be.

Will I be on that rocking chair smiling peacefully out into the horizon, holding on to a pair of knitting needles trying to finish that "Panas Gila" (Crazy Hot) long -sleeved sweater for my favourite person or will I be like Aunt Deb, that cute crafty old lady who still dresses her hair with ribbons, is active in church, adept in the kitchen and an ace at making handicrafts..?

I'm posting some of Aunt Deb's work of art below. It's so beautiful to look at. I wish I could show you more but there's just so many.

If growing old was as easy as picking a character out of a magic hat, I'd love to pick one with a bit of Aunt Deb's feisty spirit, Johnny Depp's cuckooness, Mother Teresa's kindness and Gandhi's patience.

Gosh, I know I'll need a lot of patience and this will largely be for my own benefit. If it's going to take fifteen minutes for "lil old frail me' to get out of the car, I'd be hard-pressed not to lecture myself ~ "Move legs! Move! C'mon already, I don't have all day!!".

Chinese New Year decoration ~ Spot the knitted snake!
A knitted mermaid
A pooch made out of beads
Dolls made out of a pair of socks


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