Feb 8, 2013

0 Passion..it says a lot about dreams

What's in a dream? Everyone seems to have one but do you know what drives it? Passion, I say! Just a blog post out of a "pep talk" I gave myself earlier and "think" I have been enlightened.

I am often inspired by good hearted ordinary people whose lives revolve around laughter and a deep appreciation for the things they do. I ponder, assess ~ "What makes them different? How is it that they seem to "live" their dream without really saying that they are. You know their passion by their actions! And this, I think, makes a lot of sense. 

You hear of their activities in their daily conversations, they are full of energy about it, you see them doing it often and many times with little expectation of returns or with great patience that things will bear fruit sooner or later.

I know one person who runs a cabinet business and he talks about it all the time as though it's family. So much so, I feel for the cabinets. ..sorry, my point is, without having to put it out in an obvious statement, we all know where his heart lies. The company has flourished so quickly that when you think of the brand, it is automatically linked to his name. That's passion.

My girlfriend loves animals. You don't have to ask her how much. She's constantly on the topic talk-wise, photo-wise and action-wise...Facebook-wise too.

"Uncle, could you tapao these bones, please?"
  For the strays.
"Hello, MPPJ? The owner of home ABC has neglected their dogs." She's observant when it comes to animal welfare.
"I'm going to the animal sanctuary, SPCA and .." To volunteer.

My cousin has a great love for music and she has been actively involved in it since young. Her passion is displayed all over her room ~ organ, drums, mics, music sheets.  It takes centre stage in her after-work pursuits ~ jamming at pubs, organising music practice, leading group choirs. Her song recently topped the charts on the local radio. The thing is she has earned a paper in culinary arts and it would be easy to assume that this is where her interests are. However, everyone who knows her, knows what turns her on. And it ain't written on that paper. No paper qualification reflects one's true calling.

That's the key ~ Passion. Most people say they have dreams but it remains just that, a dream, until passion comes into play. A good question to ask ourselves if we're wondering whether we're really working towards our dream (as we usually "say" we are), is to look at our daily conversation and activities. It will answer our question. ..perhaps if we're so dispassionate about something, it isn't our dream after all and it's good to ask ourselves honestly what we really like doing.

But please do yourself a favour and don't go living other people's dream just because you feel a need to fit in with the fun crowd. It often begins by mistaking short term excitement for lifelong passion.

And sometimes you get caught in a web of "I can do this also lah and better, and make money too!".

Understand that passion has nothing to do with being the smarter or better performer. It is about loving what you do. None of my passionate friends are number one in the world. They are, however, in love with what they do. Are you? Am I? And for how long?

If you know what your dream is, then live it. If not, find it.

Just don't do something because you think "it could work for you" when you don't spend half the time breathing life into it, except occasionally. That is simply a rush you feel much like riding that roller coaster - up at times, down again and finally, it stops and amounts to nothing. That is not a dream. That is foolishness and a silly pride to conquer.

That is this....hahaha :

A Five-Hundred Ringgit Yamaha guitar ... sorely neglected.... in my dusty storeroom...for more than a decade. You don't sayyYy..


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