Feb 25, 2013

0 Art : Hair Piece

I admire artistic people. They create beautiful things out of ordinary items, produce life-like portraits using any material and so forth.....me? I have trouble just trying to pencil-draw the stick-man.

But there are days that I actually squeeze something out of my right brain like this hair piece I did some years ago. Not only did I amuse myself, I actually felt I had 'a lot' of creative potential.

That's my hair and hub's, curled in a frame. Creative, isn't it? Did I hear a snicker? I used hub's white hair to contrast it against the black paper on the left side of the frame and did the opposite for mine.

What inspired me? A need for something that said, us together hairpily ever after, in frizzy moments and smooth times, he is my silver lining and I, the highlight of his life.

Hair Piece


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