Feb 22, 2013

0 Instant Noodle Day - UFO Big Yakisoba

Instant noodle days are usually a sign that I'm unwell or just not in the mood. I'm sadly that easy to read.

One not-in-the-mood day, I tried something fairly expensive out of curiosity...also because I was naively attracted to the word "UFO" ~ really! I wish I could say, "RrRRrewrrr...it flew into my arms, babe. I was zapped into compliance. No fault of mine."

Take a look at this - UFO Big Yakisoba (Instant Fried Noodle), which I purchased from a Japanese Fair. In all honesty, would you not have added this into your shopping basket? Wouldn't you? ...huh?....huh?

UFO identified ~ springy noodles.
It comes with some pretty fancy packaging. Peel one corner to fill hot water in. Peel the other corner to drain.

Simple instructions.
 What's inside? Some seasoning and dried vegetables.

After pouring in the hot water and waiting some minutes, I peeled off the black sticker to drain the water.

Neat idea!
A convenient way to drain the water.
Added the seasoning. It's ready for a good chopstick stir.
I rarely have my instant noodles out of the box, per instruction. I had some leftover chicken and carrot from the night before. So, I added these in and even garnished it with some roughly chopped coriander.

What I thought of it? It was okay in a soy sauce kind of way ~ Just not my cup of tea. I like my noodles with a lil spice for that oomph.


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