Feb 28, 2007

1 Port Dickson, here we come !

The day had finally arrived. After months of cancelling out on each other, 7 of us finally got together for a trip to Port Dickson.Phew !

It was my second stay at the Tanjung Biru (Blue Lagoon) Condo. The first time was when everyone cancelled out leaving my charismatic partner of 5 years to volunteer to go with me. Yes, just the two of us in a 2-room apartment with beds for 5 people.

Anyway, 7 of us ended up in an ostrich farm not far from the blue lagoon beach having the time of our life riding the ostrich, eating ostrich satay, getting our hands snapped in the feeding frenzy and playing with other animals in the farm (rabbits, crocs, parrots). We also watched the monkey show and had our photo taken with the really funny and friendly monkey. One of us even had our hair messed up by the monkey.

If we had time, we would have bowled coconuts and tried out the blowpipes. Unfortunately, we had to rush to check in because we brought fresh meat for a BBQ dinner!!

Gosh...the 2-room apartment had more beds than the first one I stayed. It could fit 7 people. Unfortunately, the 2 guys in our gang of 7 had to stay in a hotel within walking distance because we had a Muslim girl with us and it was innapropriate for them to sleep over..hahaha.. :D
The afternoon was spent frolicking at the beach and going for canoe rides. We had an hour and 30 minutes with the canoes but in just less than half an hour, I wondered why everyone was paddling back. I gave it a try after much persuasion. My canoeing partner was hilarious. She was the perfect canoe instructor, shouting "left! left! paddle left!! whenever a wave was coming or "right! right 3 times!" After one round, my arms were aching :p Darn..no wonder.
BBQ night was fairly romantic. It was a starless night with a soft breeze. Everyone was nicely hungry and tired out. We managed to squeeze in a game of cards before calling it a night :p

Early next morning, the guys showed off their culinary skills and threatened us with diarrhoea. I was hungry. Who cares.

By noon and after a final walk at the beach, it was sayonara blue lagoon and back to KL we go.

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