Jul 25, 2007

0 We roll...

The weekend was spent in Cineleisure again with Harry Potter and another round of Transformers. I’m still giving many thumbs up to Transformers but for Harry Potter, I found it a tad too dark and rushed. Definitely won’t be catching Potter mania anytime.

Just another normal conversation in the office today …

Angie : Here’s a couple of places we could try for lunch.

Ang and MS : Let’s hurry up and decide. We have a habit of delaying till the last minute and ending up at the usual.

Me : I will decide for all (from experience, this saves time). We all eat at blah blah, call dishes and share out the bill equally. All butts must roll out at 12pm sharp because we have a meeting shortly after that.

ALL : Agreed. All butts must roll out 12.00pm sharp!

Me : Autobutts, roll out……we roll.

Jul 16, 2007

0 Transformers and Die Hard 4

It's always amazing to see how watching movies in the cinema can bring people together. I watched Transformers twice last week, once at Cineleisure and again at Digi's Imax Theatre because my partner and I didn't want to miss the big screen experience.

People clapped at the start of the movie. There were enthusiastic responses in between which made it a really exciting watch. Of course, sexy siren Megan Fox, who stars in this movie, helped move things along. The movie ended with a standing ovation.

For those who are watching DVDs on a small screen in the comfort of your home, you don't know what you're missing ;) ....besides good popcorn.

After that, we watched Die Hard 4, an action packed movie with a sexy old man (I do find Bruce Willis sexy-just my opinion). In both movies, I noted something along the lines of mankind being too dependent on computer tehcnology, so much so that if the system crashed, we'd be in utter chaos.

Jul 15, 2007

0 Tooth Surgery

Sigh...the story of my life. I was supposed to watch Harry Potter at GSC Midvalley last Friday but lo and behold, it just happened.

I had a terrible toothache after I bought the tickets (which was last Wednesday) and the next day, my right cheek started sagging and my neck started swelling. Reluctantly, I gave away my tickets. I was pretty sad because it would have been my first movie outing together with my colleagues.

Then, I thought chin up. Yes chin,..please get up. I thought a visit to the dentist on Satuday would do it and it would be a minor tooth extraction. Half my jaw was completely swollen by then. I felt as though my face would fall off.

At the dental clinic - Midway, after much tugging and pulling by the dentist, "I'm going to have to perform a small surgery", said the dentist. Whoa...didn't know that a rotten tooth could be stuck so firmly.

Sigh.. next saturday, I'll be going back to remove the stitches. In the meantime, I totally miss having decent food. Decent food, as in 1901 hot dogs, sap ham tan har, tandoori chicken, curry chicken, nasi lemak, roti canai....grrrrr!

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