Feb 28, 2012

0 Close Encounter with Datuk Lee Chong Wei

At the rate things are going for badminton in Malaysia, I dare say there won't be another star coming along anytime soon to match the likes of Datuk Lee Chong Wei. So if I were me, and I am me, I would get his autograph before he retires.

Thrilling, exhilarating..these words reflect what I felt during the Maybank Malaysia Open Super Series 2012 final match between Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Kenichi Tago at Putra Stadium last month. I was there in person. The atmosphere was indescribable.

It was an easy win, but watching it from the telly would have greatly reduced the euphoria. When it comes to sports, you gotta watch it up close and I don't mean sticking your nose out towards the square electronic box we have at home.

I enthusiastically waved the Team Malaysia banner everytime he scored. I was terribly caught up with the chanting and supportive crowd. 1Malaysia? Oh yes, it was visible here.

Match in progress. Look at the hoards of photographers.
(Right) Datuk Lee Chong Wei

The crowd goes wild!

Go, go, Team Malaysia!

We left the building shortly after the match. I saw a queue and got in line, not really knowing what I was there for. Queue first, figure it out later was my motto. It was announced that we could have our photos taken with Datuk Lee Chong Wei and have his autograph. Whoopee! I suspected it!

If there's a queue, there's gotta be goodies and goodies I got - a cap, bags, pens and notepads. Generously sponsored by Astro.

There I was in the sweltering heat, perspiration pouring down my skin. It was so hot, I had to turn my back against the sun. HE was late. When he finally showed up, despicable queue cutters started to gel in with the line. I fired one who dared crossed my path. Hell hath no fury like a woman who got cut in a queue.

Getting in line.
When my turn came, the golden words were, "Come, come."  Years down the road I'd like to be reminded what Datuk said to me. Hey, it's personal! But no photos were allowed. I guess they realised it was an unrealistic attempt. It would take too long with this many people.

That's my card he's signing off.

Should I frame it up?

Feb 25, 2012

5 The Sweetness of Bubur Cha Cha on Chap Goh Meh

It is said that we celebrate Chap Goh Meh with Bubur Cha Cha because Cha Cha (pronounced che che in Hokkien) means "abundance"  or "prosperity". These are auspicious words synonymous with the Lunar New Year, which we always wish upon others for a blessed year.

Some traditionalists argue that it is supposed to be pengat, not bubur cha cha. I'll leave the technical matters to the experts. What matters more is the love that it spreads.

Serving bubur cha cha to family and friends is a practice that has been carried out for years by hubby's side of the family. No wonder people in the olden days were more attuned to their neighbours. With traditional practices that require sharing and togetherness, it's hard not to see why people were closer in the past. 

This is my first attempt at making it. I got the recipe from my sister-in-law. There's a small twist to the usual bubur cha cha recipes I'm accustomed to. I was told to add bananas. I've got to say that it's an excellent combination, really tingles the taste buds.

Banana is key

Sweet potatoes, Yam, Bananas, Beans, Coconut Milk

Some cendol-like jelly

Pandan for a nice scent

The end product, a sweet endeavour

Feb 6, 2012

5 A "New" New Year Resolution

I'd like to think so, away from the usual "Lose weight, live a healthy lifestyle" thing. Those are more like Doctor's orders, something I should do before my next medical check-up. I can hear my Doctor groaning already.

Unashamedly, I admit to have scoured the bookstores for KL Lifestyle's January issue when I found out that I was featured in the magazine, for their segment on New Year resolutions. 

Vanity, it had me in its fold, entangled. I had even offered to autograph a copy for a friend. She sniggered, without remorse.

KL Lifestyle

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