Nov 18, 2007

0 Lost In Euphoria

Yahoo! This must be my lucky month – Just found out that I’d won James Blunt’s “All The Lost Souls” CD this week.

Am I one of those people who join every contest? Nah..only when the mood gets me (usually during the holidays) and only those with slogans.

You’ll never catch me going for lucky draws because I just do not have the time to submit multiple entries and I don’t believe I’m as lucky as some people out there….hehehe. I just love writing slogans – silly slogans.

The last time I submitted an entry was sometime during Merdeka month – didn’t expect to win two out of the three I joined, with the results released almost the same time.

Online contests are my favourite – my usual haunts are Fly FM, Hitz FM, Mix FM, The Star, Cineleisure and GSC.

Nov 17, 2007

0 Starless Stadust vs Crazy Black Sheep

Starless "Stardust" - That just about sums up my take on the movie – a poor attempt at a fairy tale romance. I couldn’t feel any spark between the two stars. The leading lady who played the fallen star wasn’t exactly starry – she was a nag (forever grumbling) dressed in a drab silver gown…*god knows who designed something so unimaginative*..

There are some silly shows which I like and then there are some which I just don’t. This is just one of those I that don’t.

Black Sheep” was tolerable – it was such a poor make, it had me laughing non-stop. It was simply outrageous. Imagine this, you get zombie sheep tearing people apart *Can sheep actually behave so violently and look so gory?* ;)

In this movie, they can. Get bitten, and you start turning into this zombie sheep yourself - a man-sized walking sheep …sheesh…

My favourite scenes:
1) The evil man who had a hand in creating the zombies walked nude into a group of zombie sheep like he was their pharaoh - the sheep attacked and started pulling the flesh long out …never knew flesh could stretch so far. It looked darn obscene :p

2) The hero wore sheep skin and tried crawling through a group of zombie sheep undetected. He was f***ked from behind by one of the zombies midway…*rofl*

3) When an infected person swallows the antidote, they shake uncontrollably and presto, they’re human again

Nov 8, 2007

0 Down and out but not without reward

It was amazing - finding out that I'd won a contest while I was sick. I'd been on MC the previous day. When I came back the next day, I was still a little, very weak.

I'd been coughing for the past month - spewing phlegm tinged with blood every ten minutes or so. Just an infection, the Doc days. Well, I completed the course of medication but the darn cough remained. I really didn't want to disturb my colleagues with my incessant barking but hey, who's gonna give me a month off for this?......*perils of not being filthy rich*

In my depressed and tired state, I decided to google my own name out of vanity. And there it was - gosh..I'd won RM500 of Carrefour vouchers. Thank you, God !

It was a contest organised by The Star where we had to make a sentence out of a list of 50 things Malaysian (Eg. Lah, Sudirman, Nasi Lemak, etc).
News spread quickly without my knowledge.

The Star newspaper wasn't exactly popular in my hometown because it only arrived noon. I hadn't expected anyone in my family to know. But lo and behold, it seems that while they were on a flight home, the air stewardess gave them a copy to read.

Amazingly, my aunt spotted my name (in small print) while flipping through the thick pages. My excited mum took the paper home. They got the news before I did! By nightfall, they had this to tell me - all our Christmas presents are going to be from Carrefour this year...hehehehe..

Boy, am I going to have fun splashing RM500 worth of is bliss in coughing fashion

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