Mar 31, 2012

4 Lion Girl supports Earth Hour

I have an account with which I haven't used in ages. Today, creative juices were flowing like rivers in torrential rain. ..I cannot draw for the life of me..

It IS Earth Hour day.

Back home, we used to say "Terer or not?" when we're very impressed with our work. Terrer, meaning terribly impressive.

 So ............ terer or not?

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Mar 30, 2012

0 Buzzworthy Sri Ananda Bahwan, Tanjung Bungah

I haven't been so excited for Indian cuisine until Sri Ananda Bahwan, a restaurant located in Tg. Bungah, Penang, just opposite Flamingo Hotel. My taste buds have been severely dulled by the less exciting mamak fare found in KL from the likes of Bestari, Pelita and so forth.

Hence, my decision to relocate to Penang. Just kidding. If you could retire anywhere in the world, where would you go? I'm always governed by my stomach. So I guess where good food is. Aiyorr, that's lame.

Sri Ananda Bahwan has a nice cosy set-up, perfect for overstaying and long conversations plus that game of monopoly. The food isn't terribly overpriced although it's a popular tourist haunt.

Inviting entrance

Nice surroundings
The sweet stuff
First impressions were pleasing as I walked into smiles from friendly waiters. My nostrils lifted a little as I was drawn into the waft of aromatic spices.

Finally I arrived at the sight of piping hot curry dishes, laden in stainless steel food warming trays, that was very much alive in colour. Attractive and appetising.  They say looks can be deceiving but it was not the case here. The food is delicious and none too greasy. The skies never looked bluer than they did that day. I thought I was in heaven.

I truly enjoyed my meal and the company I was in. Perhaps they played a big role on my enjoyment too. Good company is, after all, the secret to great food.

I would visit often if I weren't living so far away...

Our feast, a "hands-on" affair
Rava Thosai, light soury taste, perfect texture
Not too oily Puri with dry veg curry, perfectly matched
Vadai is light
Spicy dry curry chicken, the bomb
If you go really early in the morning, you can get coffee with a shot of fresh goat milk. Locals say it's out-of-this-world. We were late. *shame, shame*

Coffee or was this milo? I forget

Mango lassi

Mar 23, 2012

3 Still growing up

Inane activities of two friends who have yet to master the gentility of womanhood. I'm on the brink of my forties and still, I struggle to attain this "refinement" that's been etched in my mind since young. Mom's always insisting that I put on lipstick whenever I leave the house...that I dress up for guests. Any show of real emotion is held in check to maintain a certain ladylike-ness.

I've become more laid back since I left home and I'm really comfortable with it. I guess there are seasons in my life. Be this Summer since life is more colourful now and I am easily lulled into excitement over the most silliest things. Child-like curiosity..I still have it! That is something to shout about, surely.

"Hey Sha, is that ....?" Jen started.

"Oh my God! It's Hush Puppies!" I responded, pulling her along. Not that I own a pair..

There was no time for us to question the logic of our actions, we'd already asked for the store assistant's help to snap a photo of the two of us together.

Next thing we knew, a small crowd had gathered, a mini photo session was underway.

And that was my wonderful weekend.

Mar 10, 2012

2 She's somewhere I cannot go

Here lies an angel

1 March 2012 - Aunt Em left us quietly, in the wee hours of the morning unbeknownst to her beloved husband sleeping beside her.

I left my Uncle a message hours before as I did every week since she left for home. They were words of encouragement. I knew things were hard on him. He never stopped trying, he never stopped believing. It was our mantra. Aunt Em was never alone in her fight against cancer.

Mom woke me with a phone call at 7.00am to relay the news. I was calm. I knew before she said it. Mayhaps I was in a state of disbelief.

A couple of hours later, my heart rallied between quiet acceptance and anger over the unfairness of it all. I held back tears. At least, I thought I did. My cheeks were wet. What happened...

Aunt Em was always there for me. We used to spend hours talking over the phone. Nothing held us back from sharing our innermost thoughts. There were laughter and tears. We motivated each other all the time. She always took the time to encourage me on with chants of "Jia you! Jia you!" .

It's hard to believe I won't be seeing her anymore. My mind scrambles to remember what we did last together, what we said last to each other, when we last held hands.These memories are all I have of her now.

She’s somewhere I cannot go 
Don’t wipe these tears
They’re not of sorrow
God has lifted her fears
And gifted her a tomorrow

A tomorrow in heaven
Free from pain and Earthly pursuits
Amongst angels, not men
Amidst paradise and bountiful fruits

Don’t say she’s gone forever
Because she’s right here
In our hearts, where we treasure her
In memories we hold dear ..she is here!

~ Sharon D. @ 10 March 2012

Mar 9, 2012

4 The Calamity of Calories, Mat Salai delivers

For some of us, it's clearly reflected in the spare tyre around our belly and if I'm not careful, mine will be reaching the diameter of a four-wheel drive.

Aaah, where is my resolve. Defeated by a greasy burger, a hundred times tastier than the average Mc D's.... a hundred times tastier...
Somewhere around Desa Sri Hartamas is Mat Salai, a local initiative, selling burgers in a small kiosk. 

I thought I'd give it a try, so here it is. One bite affirmed my initial saliva-drooling thought that it could only taste heavenly, but when was the last time I ever really complained about anything I ate anyway. Sigh..

The packaging and oh, a website!

It says "Eat without fear"

Laden with sauce

Juicy, juicy

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