May 8, 2018

22 Exploring Eco Sky, Kuala Lumpur

EcoWorld doesn't do things in a half-half kind of way. This property developer is known for adding a little magic into their construction projects. I don't mean real magic, of course but small things that make us go ooh and aah or is visually captivating. Expect an environment with art and nature infused in its designs.

I'd been wanting to visit Eco Sky since Hubs had driven pass the area several times on our way to Tesco Selayang. Eco Sky is located right beside this hypermarket. Plus point - don't have to go far to purchase groceries!

Eco Sky is a mixed development comprising three towers of serviced apartments which are about forty floors high each, and 140 commercial units in 4/5-storey buildings that face each other like two giant pieces of macaroni.

Eco Sky, Kuala Lumpur

The place is fairly quiet with few tenants in the commercial units and seemingly empty residential towers; slow-moving because it is priced beyond what most Malaysians can afford.

Eco Sky

Eco Sky

In the middle of Eco Sky is a tiled park with a smatter of trees and a beautiful water feature. Neat, but it was the art piece I couldn't take my eyes off - a red sculpture of a person jumping into the water, apparently in slow-motion.

Let's Go Swimming at Eco Sky


Hubs and I took the lift up to the highest floor of the retail lots for a better view of the area. Overall, it was pleasing on the senses and quite the place for a cuppa with the girl friends.

Oi! No Swimming Allowedlah!

Eco Sky Commercial Units

Eco Sky Carpark and Serviced Apartment Tower

It was a hot afternoon so we settled down for a cold drink and ice cream at My first choice was actually Donutes, a cozy looking bakery cum cafe with large glass windows but I made a quick u-turn out when I saw the crowd! The ambiance in Donutes was cheerful and all good vibes - I love it ...but cannot sit long-long and ceritalah (storylah).

I Scream For Ice Cream

The public toilet is located in a hidden tunnel next to the red bench with the sign 'The Deck' above it.

Eco Sky Public Toilet

Eco Sky Public Toilet

We left feeling like this would be a great place to stay seeing how we could lepak downstairs.

The only thing I wasn't thrilled about was the illegally parked cars on both sides of the inner road leading to Tesco and the daily traffic jam that is Jalan Kuching's (?) trademark.

In case anyone's keen, Maybank has a Rent To Own scheme (#HouzKEY) for this property starting from RM2.6k per month. More about Maybank's #HouzKEY here and here.


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